Sunday, June 12, 2016


Hello!  Good to see you.  Welcome to my garden.  The house is a mess, so we'll just go down the alleyway.

I know, you would never expect this little passageway to open to a beautiful garden.  It's like the secret garden.

Look at my newest acquisition.  It's a solar glass butterfly.  It has a little solar candle between the wings and lights up at night.  So pretty.  And I've gotten the impatients planted in my little pot too.  The markings you see are where it got damaged in our last wind storm.

The roses are just beautiful. 

My lilies are blooming like crazy too.

One of my hydrangea bushes died.  But the other one is doing wonderful.

I knew when I bought them that the geraniums would grow and fill the pot I put them in.

I forgot to take a picture of the tomato plants.  Next time.  They are getting quite large.

Look at the beautiful sky.

Guess it's time to take leave of our garden for today.  Hope you'll come back again.

Watch your step in the way out.



  1. Do you cut your flowers and bring some inside?
    Lovely garden.

  2. Yes....just like a secret garden. Blooming and welcoming....perfect.

  3. Aw, thanks for the garden tour. I like your solar butterfly. I need to get one of my solar lights outside asap. I keep forgetting. I need to move my older hydrangea into more light. Our tree has grown and there's more shade. I guess I could cut some of the limbs on the west side of it to make more evening light. It's in a bathtub so not sure if I can move it. Take care and have a good week, my friend!

  4. Loved the tour and ESPECIALLY loved the secret passageway!!!

  5. Marvelous tour! Love the butterfly! Are the fairies still there? Guess they were hiding....I'll have to visit again soon. woof

  6. Thanks, Kathy, for the garden tour. It's nice to have a secret garden and nicer to share the beautiful blooms with all of us.


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