Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I love clothes.  If you could see my closet, you would totally know this.  When I worked at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, I never wore the same thing twice.  I had enough clothes to wear a different outfit every day of the year.  I was known for this and people would be waiting to see what I would wear next.  Of course I was a LOT thinner then.  Since my thyroid went wild and I gained 35 pounds in one year, I had to give away a lot of my clothes.  But I'm still a clothes horse.  And I like seeing what is new and putting what I own together to make it up to date.

I went on a website ( this morning to see what is the hot fashion trends for this summer.  Summer is just beginning so why not.  Here's what I found.

Bright and Bold Stripes

I can do this with things I already have.  I don't have a lot of stripes, but I'm sure I can find something.

Grown-Up Gingham

I have nothing gingham and although I've worn it in the past, I'm not sure if I would invest in it at this point.  I have a feeling this is a one season trend.


Uh... no!  Make me look like a beached whale why don't ya!

Sequins and Sparkle

OK.  I like sparkle.  I have some sparkly shirts.  Don't know if I want to do a whole dress with it, though.

Patterned patchwork

 I sort of like this.  I would wear patchwork.  I have in the past.  I think I'm going to look around for a shirt or dress with this.

Romantic Ruffles

 I like ruffles in moderation.  Maybe a collar or at the bottom of a skirt.  Too many ruffles are not good for me.  But...  I do have a couple of ruffled tops and skirts.  I'll have to pull them out.

Exposed shoulders

I have a couple of summer tops that are off the shoulder.  But I always wear a tank top under them.  Too much skin is too much!

Done-Up Denim 

Yes!  I love denim.  And especially done-up denim.  Bring on those jeans.

 Pajama Dressing

Uh... no thanks.  In my opinion pajamas are for the bedroom, not the sidewalk.

Low-Slung Pants

No thanks.  They aren't even comfortable!

Shirting Stripes

 OK.  This is kind of cute.

Sporty Mesh

 Nope.  Too see through.

Paper Bag Waist

Cute, but not sure if I could pull it off.  Maybe I'll go into a store and try a pair on.

Well that's it.  Now I have to go through my closet again and plan what I'm going to wear this season.



  1. Kathy, Honest to goodness some of that runway stuff looks like rags. I would never wear that many ruffles and with boots..goonville attire. LOL. I love to give my opinion of runway clothes. I think the best look going at this time is slim fitting pants and flowy tops. If you have pretty feet pair this outfit with strappy sandals. If you are short or overweight...wear vertical stripes not horizontal. Those low slung pants are just about nasty. LOL. Pleats are for the skinny thin people. I am not putting anyone down for their shapes or size...but there's ways to not make ourselves look ridiculous. Believe me sweet girl...I am 30 pounds over weight and I would never wear pleats, ruffles , and being old forget the showy stuff. But I love thin fitting pants and the longer tops. Don't forget the lipstick...LOL. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Susie, I love all your ideas. Like I said, a ruffled collar, yes. A ruffled dress, no! I love my leggings and tunics.

  2. My very favorite it the patterned patchwork! I love the flowing romantic look too! I seldom buy new clothes! Goodwill and thrift stores and my friends cleaning out their closets are where mine come from!

  3. Call me Old Fashion, I like wearing skirts and dresses. Now that it's summer, I love cotton, loose, summer dresses. Forget the runway style!

    1. Skirts and dresses are much cooler in summer, that's for sure.

  4. The shirting stripe top looks nice but should have pants with it. Patchwork dress is nice as well. I looked at a few skirts today will shopping for a nice hat. I've yet to find a solid color skirt...preferably grey. I have too many tops which aren't solid so I need that in a skirt. I did find a hat at last store I stopped at that fit my big head. I have my friends outdoor wedding to photograph and need a nice hat with a small brim that covers my ears. Even room to put a flower in it!! Enjoy your week!! God bless!!

    1. I should let you into my wardrobe. Almost all of my skirts are solid color. I love hats too. They all look good on me, but I seldom wear them. Just don't have a place to go with them.

  5. Kathy, what a fun post!
    I laughed so hard with the pajama wear really? in public okay I guess... and I loved the dress with the patchwork looks super fresh...

    1. Everyone seems to like the patchwork dress. I'm going to look for one.

  6. While I like the concept of pajama wear,I doubt I would feel comfortable.I agree with the vertical not horizontal on those of us who are weight challenged. I'm basically a t-shirt/tunic,leggings & sneakers gal.I wish they made a shoe that is as comfortable as my Isotoner ballet slippers! Ha ha!
    Have a beautiful day!

    1. I hear you with those shoes. A lot of my shoes are uncomfortable. When I find a good pair, I wear them until they are literally falling off of my feet.


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