Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I love to knit.  But I haven't done it in months.  Maybe six months or more.  However, I met the wife of one of the candidates for our new pastor and she is an avid knitter.  (Hi, Carolyn!)  She piqued my interest again.  So guess what.  I'm knitting again.

We are both making the same shawl and it's so much fun to be doing the same thing so we can help each other out and compare what we're doing.  Well, let's be honest here.  SHE helps me out.  So far I have ripped it out to the beginning five times.  I think this time I have finally made it to the end of the first part.

You see, the shawl we are making is called a Mystery Shawl.  You get part of the directions sent to you each week for the 5 weeks of June.  There is no picture, so you don't know what it's going to look like until you actually knit it.  And the owners of the pattern ask that you don't post a picture of your work until the end of July so that you don't spoil it for those others working on it.  So the end of July or beginning of August I will post a picture of what I have made.

There is only one thing wrong with knitting.  I get so into it that I tend to sit and do that instead of doing the things I need to be doing.  Tomorrow I am going to have to set it aside and actually get the yard cleaned up.

We had a huge storm today that blew things around as if there were a tornado.  Trash and lawn furniture were going around in circles as the rain poured down and the lightening flashed.  Needless to say the yard is a mess.  I have to get on it.

Also, I went to see the doctor today.  She said I have a mild concussion and the only thing I can do is let it heal itself.  She said it will take 6-8 weeks and told me what to expect.  I feel much better knowing that's all it is and that it's going to take awhile to feel better.  Good news.

Until later...



  1. Glad to hear the doctor was able to help you. I think the not knowing makes it worse.
    How about that wind? It actually blew over one of the cabinets in our yard! Russ had to right it as I'm not tall enough.I like the idea of 'mystery'. Can't wait!
    Enjoy this beautiful day! woof

    1. Our yard has the furniture all over the place and my new plants crushed on the ground. Got to get on it.

      Of course YOU won't have to wait until July to see the shawl. You will see it in progress.

  2. oooh, knitting. Something I've never done. :) Cant' wait to see the finished piece.

    1. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 6 years old and knit when I was 7 years old. The first thing I knit was a scarf for my doll. Funny how I still remember that.

      Can't wait to show you the completed piece either, Bevy. So far it looks really nice.

  3. I totally missed where you hit your head! Going back to older posts to find out what happened!


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