Monday, June 20, 2016


They really aren't.  Especially when you are retired.  I am so enjoying not having to go to work on these beautiful summer days.

I finally got a chance to cut the grass the other day and the yard is looking good again.  I want to get out there a little later and do some reading.

In the meantime, I thought I'd show you how some of the things are looking.  I didn't get a picture of the tomatoes and fairy garden again.  I have to do some weeding before the fairies turn me in for being a slum lord.  But here are some other shots for you to see.

My lilies.

Geraniums.  So pretty.

My neighbor has day lilies.  They are a lighter orange than mine are.

 My hydrangea.

I took my shepherd's crook and hung little cages with tea lights in them.  They are so pretty at night.

They are battery operated so there's no chance of a fire.

Looking good since the grass got cut.

Roses.  So pretty.

The solar butterfly and impatiens.  I thought they had died, but they are starting to come back.

I really love these little lights.

Some strange man came into the yard and sat down.  He said his name was... Joe was it?

Such a pretty sunset on Friday.  I love the gold in the clouds.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.  Have a good day and try to get outside and enjoy this summer while it's here.



  1. Your sunset picture is spectacular!
    Backyard is looking good.

  2. You've worked hard on your garden, and it's looking all ship-shape on this first day of summer.
    Love all the flowers, and those little tea lights are precious....
    Such a beautiful sunset, and a man with my namesake, who wouldn't love that

  3. Love the tea lights! The yard really reflects all your hard work. Now take time to enjoy it!

  4. Oh Kathy, I am stealing your Sheppard hook tealight idea .. that is fabulous.. all your flowers are gorgeous too.

  5. Looks like your garden is coming along very nicely :)


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