Tuesday, June 7, 2016


So far June has been a lovely month although very busy.  Every day there is something else to do and somewhere else to go.  I have to make this short because I am getting ready for Bible Study this morning, but I wanted to let you know I am still here.

The weather has been nearly perfect.  Today is no exception.  It's in the 70s right now and the humidity is low.  It will go up to the low 80s but still gorgeous!

How would you like to wake up to views like this every morning?

This is the sun rising this morning over the Benjamin Franklin Bridge which links Philly and New Jersey.  Who wouldn't like living in Philly?

Here is the view from my kitchen window.

I wish there was smell-o-vision for this picture.  The air smells so fresh and clean in the morning.  Between the roses, the orange lilies, and the marigolds the air is scented beautifully.

This is a wonderful day to be alive!  Hope you all have a great day.



  1. good morning, glad you are still here. enjoy your Bible study. beautiful views.

    1. Thank you, shortybear. The study was great!

  2. What a happy, joy-filled morning greeting!! You have a rest of the day just like this---sunny and happy and perfumed with flowers.


  3. Hi Kathy, I hope your day went well. I love the fresh air of mornings...so much. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. I think morning air smells better than any other time of day.

  4. The view with the bridge is nice. I kept finding events to go to as well. I found out about a renaissance event 2 wks from now. A lavender featival in late June I always miss. It is a day after friends wedding. Also have a bridal shower as well!!! Next week I start going to an evening Bible study thru end of July. Am looking forward to it since we're not going to one this year. It's right after work but it's gonna be good. God bless!!

  5. This really perked me up! Beautiful views. LOVE the early morning! I feel energized walking my dogs. The last pic is the best sentiment...we each can make the day better!
    Have a great day! woof


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