Saturday, June 25, 2016


The last few days have not been very good for me.  It began with a recurring dream I have where I am in a doctor's office waiting room.  I look around and see all these people I know who are now dead.  Then my former doctor (who is retired) walks in.  I try to talk to him but he doesn't answer me.  I then ask him if I am dead.  He turns to me and smiles and I then wake up.  I have had this same dream about five times now -- each time with different people in the waiting room.  It's very disturbing and unnerving.  So after that, I didn't want to go back to sleep even though it was very early in the morning.

A lot of things happened to me on Friday including hurting my back while food shopping and having to sit in the store's restaurant for 15-20 minutes and then banging my head on the freezer door at home while putting the food away.  It was in the same spot that the window fell on me at church two weeks ago and this time I drew blood.  Yuck.

Today Joe went over to church to cut the grass.  Jim, one of our friends from church, came also.  They got the worst of it done but it was so hot that they couldn't do all of it.  I had dropped Joe off and when I came back to pick him up I found him in Fellowship Hall drinking lemonade.  Jim was out cutting grass, but there was a big cup of lemonade for him too.  I finally got them to finish and took Joe home.  He was really wiped out.  I'm glad he doesn't have to preach tomorrow.

I was in a hurry to get home because I was going to a birthday party for my former supervisor at the library, Donna.  As I'm getting ready to leave I get a phone call from my friend Carol who is Jim's wife.  Joe had taken Jim's keys home and he couldn't drive his car -- he had to walk and leave the car in the church's parking lot.  So on my way to the restaurant for the party I dropped the keys off to Carol.

I'm not sure exactly where Carol lives, so I'm looking at the house numbers as I drive up the street.  All of a sudden I hear a pop and then a car alarm goes off.  My car's mirror had hit the mirror of a parked car.  What else can happen?  It turned out to be Carol and Jim's next-door neighbor.  We looked at the cars and there wasn't even a scratch.  The mirror on her car had just folded in.  So everything seemed to be OK.  I hope.

I then went to pick up the birthday girl, Donna.  I tried to get down the street where I was to meet her and the street was blocked by police cars and vans.  I drove around the block and they had moved so I was able to get Donna and we went to the China Buffet.

We were the first ones there.  Then Diane showed up.  I was so happy to see everyone again.  We had invited Lucille who used to be the head librarian at the Richmond Library where I used to work.  She was before my time, although I do know her.  We didn't tell Donna because we wanted to surprise her.  Wouldn't you know she started asking if anyone had heard from Lucille and what was happening with her.  Uh....  She was really surprised and so happy when Lucille showed up!

We took only a couple of pictures.  We were too busy talking and eating.  We even stayed over an hour after we finished eating and had paid our bill.  We were having such a lovely conversation and didn't want it to end.

Donna the birthday girl, Diane and Lucille.

 Donna, me and Lucille.

It was so much fun and I really needed this break.  I am enjoying retirement but miss my friends so much.

I drove Donna and Diane home and then went to ShopRite to get lemonade for the covered dish luncheon tomorrow.  It was on sale so I got that and fruit punch along with iced tea for here at home.

And now it is late and I have to get some sleep before it is time to get up and go to church.  Busy day tomorrow.  We have the candidate for our new pastor and his wife coming to speak, a covered dish luncheon and a question and answer session.  Then another friend of our is being ordained into the denomination in Quakertown in the evening.  That's over an hour drive away.  I'll be ready for a break on Monday. 

Before I go, here's the link to Joe's message from last Sunday.  It's 35 minutes in length and probably his best message to date.

Have a good Sunday.



  1. Sorry to hear about all your hurts. NEVER ask what else can happen! It usually does. Glad you had the party to top it all off. It sounds like everyone had a good time.Hope the covered dish turns out to be a fun time as well.

  2. Kathy, Too much crazy stuff... I hope it all calms down for you soon. So glad you had time with all your work pals. I know that had to be fun for you. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. I am so sorry you had so many things go wrong one right after the other!!! Life seems to do that sometimes!!

  4. I forgot to say I enjoyed the part of the sermon I heard. It was nice to hear his voice and I think I heard you say Amen!
    Joe is so right! You don't HAVE to teach children to sin!!! They find it comes natural although we CAN teach them about God and to hate sin.....

  5. Busy lady and sorry to hear about the mishaps. No fun. I've not blogged much lately. I was just too tired to care tonight to work on a few photos and post. Watched a show on acorn tv that I've been enjoying. We're going to be warm this week on Oregon. I need to go to bed early. Have a good week!!


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