Monday, December 16, 2013


The angels sang a message of joy.  "For unto you is born this day...a savior who is Christ the Lord."
Yesterday was another cold frigid day.  I almost didn't go to church, but I had the responsibility for breakfast, so that motivated me.  I got up early and made 2 dozen muffins -- a dozen berry and a dozen cinnamon swirl.  They turned out good.  I made 2 dozen because I wanted to make sure I had enough.  Well, I had enough.  Only 5 people showed up for breakfast and 11 people showed up for church.  There was a LOT of ice on the streets and pavements so people didn't want to or couldn't come out.

Joe was one of the people who couldn't come out.  He is still in a lot of pain from his fall.  It was his turn to read the scripture this Sunday so I offered to do it for him.  It's been a long time since I read scripture in church.

As I was leaving I thought the church yard looked so pretty with the snow (or should I say ice) on it and took a few pictures.

I worked some more on the tree yesterday also.  I found some more ornaments and the silver beads.  It is pretty much finished now although I might still add a few wine colored balls for contrast since it is all light blue and silver.  Here are a couple more of my favorite ornaments.

Another shimmery star.

An ornament I got in Ocean City.  It's filled with sand and seashells.

The tree with the beads on.  Looking better and better.
 Today it was back to work.  It was a busy day.  But I like busy days because the time goes by quickly.

I made a pork roast for dinner with sweet potato fries and applesauce.  It was so good.

And to end the night we gave Snowy a bath.  She is covered in flea dirt and we found a couple of dead fleas on her.  So she has had a flea bath and gotten flea medicine put on her neck.  I don't think those fleas have a chance now.  Needless to say she was not happy.  But she smells so much better.

Now we have the fire going and Joe has gone to bed.  I'm really tired so I'm going to follow him.

Today's weather
Partly cloudy
High:  34 degrees
Low:  22 degrees
Sunrise:  7:16 a.m.
Sunset:  4:36 p.m.
9 hours and 20 minutes of daylight


  1. Kathy,
    Your back yard looks so nice with the fresh snow. I would love to just sit and relax as I sit in your kitchen and look out.
    I hope Joe gets to feeling better.
    Your tree looks so pretty and look I just love silver ornaments
    and the away in the major was beautiful...
    I have been trying to catch up.. I have getting very little sleep and trying my hardest to catch up with everyone
    I hope you have an excellent day!!!!

  2. It has been really cold and with the icy patches....I don't blame anyone for not
    wanting to come out. However I have a busy week ahead.Yesterday I went into center city to get gifts for my dogs groomer & the vet.I also need to volunteer at the SPCA,run bank errands,dogs at the groomer's,drop off toy donations and we have company coming on Sunday! Whew! On top of everything my landline phones aren't working so I need to call the phone company. I like busy too!
    Love the tree! Stay warm,my friend!

  3. Your tree is so pretty, Kathy. Love the fireplace. Stay warm and cozy! xo


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