Friday, December 20, 2013


I carried a king,
But not the Child,
Through desert storms
And winds so wild
The sands crept into 
Every pack.
But never did
My king look back.
'Forward!' he cried,
'We follow the star,
We do not stop.'
So here we are.

I carried a king,
But not the One,
Through searing heat

And blinding sun,
Through nights so cold
My nostrils froze,
And slaves wrapped cloths
About my toes.
But forward we went
Led by a star.
We did not stop,
So here we are.

I carried a king,
But not the Babe,
And also boxes
Jewel inlaid.
My packs were stuffed
With scents and spice,
The grandest ladies
To entice.
No ladies saw we,
But only a star.
We did not stop
So here we are.

by Jane Yolen 


  1. Kathy, One of my friends sent me a photo of a manger and said it was the first "king" sized bed.I thought that was really cute...and oh so true. Hope you are all set for the holidays. I am still in disbelief of how very fast Christmas is coming. Take care , be safe this weekend. We are all in for some bad weather. xoxo,SUSIE

  2. Another beautiful poem. It's interesting how prominent animals are in scripture......But then Jesus is the Shepherd. Of all.

  3. You didn't write that poem.


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