Thursday, December 19, 2013


Can you believe it?  By this time next week it will all be over.  And I still have so much to do.  BUT....

Last night I fell asleep at 6 p.m. and Joe let me sleep.  No dinner, no meds, nothing just sleep.  I slept 8 hours and I feel so much better.  I've been getting 2 to 3 hours sleep for weeks.  No wonder I was cranky.  But I've been trying to get everything done.  I think I need to sleep more than I need to bake cookies!

I finished the tree yesterday morning about 2:30 a.m.  It just looked too blah to me with just silver and blue balls (with a few red thrown in).  So I added quite a bit of burgundy and it really gave it some depth.  I am really happy with it now.  NO MORE TWEAKING!!  That last sentence is for me because I'm always moving things around to make it "look better."

I love sparkly ornaments.

This is a better picture than the other day.  My Ocean City ornament with sand and shells inside.

The finished tree.  I really like it this year.  It looks magical to me.
  I found my creche and put it under the tree.  I like having a nativity under the tree each year.  Of course as soon as I found it, I found my second Lenox one.  Now I have to find a place to put that.
We are having our Christmas lunch tomorrow at work.  Jerry and Bob set up the table in the workroom today for that.

I was asked to bring my hoagie salad.  I'm pretty sure that I remember how to make it even though I haven't done it since last year.  Everyone loved it.  I would rather have brought something else because it cost me over $20 for the hoagies I got on the way home last night.  But everyone begged me to make it again.  And it is good.  I want to wait until the last minute to make it so that it doesn't get soggy.

So that's all the news for now.  Not much going on when you are sleeping so much.  In fact, I'm going back to sleep until 7:00.  Maybe I'll feel even better today.
Wednesday's weather
High:  38 degrees
Low:  22 degrees
Sunrise:  7:17 a.m.
Sunset:  4:37 p.m.
9 hours and 20 minutes of daylight
Wednesday's sunrise in Philly


  1. I see what you mean about colors.It really is pretty! I like the tree on the work table too. It warms me to know you got the much needed sleep. Everything will look better now that you're rested.
    There was a beautiful full moon this morning. Not that I want to give up my
    'city' conveniences,but sometimes it's awesome to see the night sky without all the city lights. It is amazing how bright it can be!
    I will be at the PSPCA on Saturday for our Whiskers Wonderland adoption event. Adopt fees are waived for that day & vaccines are 50% off!
    Here's hoping some of our furry friends find their furever homes!
    Merry Christmas! Happy Howlllidays!

  2. Yes, your tree is wonderful. It fun to see a plain Christmas tree come alive with decorations and a loving touch.

  3. Beautiful tree, Kathy. Hoagie salad sounds intriguing! xo


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