Thursday, December 5, 2013


... slowly.  Very slowly.  I'm hoping that when I am home on Friday I can get a lot more done.

I have had a sore throat, headache, queasy stomach and a fever for the past couple of days.  That has put a damper on decorating.  I'm feeling some better, but still seeing the doctor on Friday.  At least my fever broke last night and my stomach isn't upset anymore.  Wish the headache would go away though.  And I HATE sore throats.

Joe went to see the orthopedic doctor today and his shoulder is completely (and perfectly) healed.  We are so thankful to God for healing him.  No more sling!  His arm is giving him a lot of pain but that is because he has had it in a sling for the last 14 weeks.  He has to learn to reuse his arm.

I thought I would show the the few decorations I have up.  More pictures to come.

This is the little Lenox elf I bought a couple of years ago.  He's always one of the first things I put out.  I call him the "Joe Elf".  I bought him because when we saw him my sister and I both said he looked like Joe!

The Cherished Teddy sleigh.  I have so many Christmas themed Cherished Teddies.

Here's my new advent wreath.

I got this in Lancaster a couple of years ago -- the same time I got the "Joe Elf".  The smiling gingerbread boy says "Dear Santa, eat him --)".  I looked at this, put it down, started to walk out of the store and then went back and got it.  It cost more than I wanted to spend, but I love it so much that I've never regretted buying it.

This is our first advent candle lit right after we finished our devotions.  We are using a wonderful advent book that I downloaded onto my kindle. It was free.  I like that.
 Sheila, Tom and I put up the tree at work today.  We just have the lights on right now.  It will get slowly done throughout the week.

And the wreath is up on the workroom window.

I see so many beautifully lit houses as I'm driving home from work.  But I'm DRIVING so I can't stop and take pictures.  Hopefully I'll be posting some beautiful ones soon, though.

Wednesday's weather
High:  54 degrees
Low:  35 degrees
Sunrise:  7:06 a.m.
Sunset:  4:35 p.m.
9 hours and 29 minutes of daylight


  1. I agree about seeing the decorated houses. Some of the prettiest are the simple ones with green wreath & red bows,maybe a candle in the window....It also gives me ideas for my decorating.
    The elf does resemble Joe. I can understand why you bought it. I'm not a big Lenox fan but they have a shower curtain "12 Days of Christmas" that I think is adorable. I just can't afford $35-$40 for 1 curtain. Hopefully I will find it on sale.
    the library looks like it's getting in the spirit. Sometimes I prefer decorating in 'stages', like watching something grow.....then voila! Beautiful!!
    Overjoyed to hear Joe's healed! Now comes the harder part. I went through it with my husband's shoulder (torn ligaments). Was he ever impatient to be back up to full speed! It does take patience.....
    Thank you for the great pics & looking forward to more.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Yes, the Elf looks like Joe! Happy to hear he is healthy again!
    Christmas lights, oh the lights! Love them, right next to the music. Great way to remember Jesus' birth.

  3. Kathy, I hope you are better. I hate to be's worse when it's holiday time. I hope and pray I can stay well this year. I had a couple colds last year. Take care. xoxox,Susie

  4. Joe Elf sure is cute! I love pixies and elves....oh and gingerbread men! Have fun decorating and I hope you and your husband feel better soon! Hugs!

  5. Hope you are all better. I am laid up with broken toes and badly bruised leg. Oh well. Talk about getting things done slowly. Lol. xo


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