Sunday, July 28, 2013


I started out today with church, of course.  We studied Genesis 8:1-19 -- Noah's ark.  It was interesting.  Joe wasn't feeling well and so didn't go to church.  In fact, he slept most of the day with a headache and upset stomach.

Today is my sister Elaine's birthday.  She came down from northern New Jersey and we went out to celebrate with my brother, Larry, sister-in-law, Kim, and friends Marion and Rich.  We went to a British restaurant in Haddonfield, NJ called The British Chip Shop.

I loved the way it was decorated like a British pub.

The pictures are a little dark because I didn't want to use the flash because of Joe's epilepsy.  The flashing lights set off a seizure.

The food was very good.

Joe and Larry each had a Scotch egg.  That's a hard-boiled egg surrounded by sausage.

I had fish and chips.

Elaine and Larry had a chicken and mushroom pie.

Rich and Joe had Irish stew.

And of course you have to have a cup of tea.  Don't you love the square teacups?  They are so cute.
 We all enjoyed ourselves so much.
Larry and Elaine


Elaine the birthday girl

Marion and Rich

 When we got there it was raining.  While we were eating it was really raining.  By the time we left it was a downpour.  No one except me had brought an umbrella.  Larry and Kim were parked near the restaurant so made a run for it.  Marion and Rich were in a parking lot a couple of blocks away so Rich walked over to the car and met Marion at the front door.  I gave Elaine my umbrella.  She went to her car across the street and then picked us up and drove us to our car three blocks away.  We got SOAKED getting into the car.  It was very bad.

The drive home was terrible.  It was raining so hard we had trouble seeing and all the roads were flooded.  But we got back here safely.  Now it's off to bed to get enough sleep.  We have a busy day tomorrow.


  1. That rain was really something!
    I think the news said we got close to 6 inches at the airport.That is a LOT of rain!
    At least the food was good at the pub. It certainly looked good!
    Enjoy your visit!

  2. Kathy, So glad you had anice dinner with friends and family. Too bad about all the rain. I hate getting wet going somewhere...but I do not mind if I am headed home. :):)xoxo,Susie
    enjoy your vacation girl !!


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