Tuesday, December 27, 2011

'Twas the Day After Christmas

This is the tree at my sister's house.  Such a beautiful tree and a great wealth of gifts.

Christmas morning we got up, ate breakfast and went to church.  I was surprised that not a lot of people were in church.  The choir was wonderful, and the message was great.  It was on Luke 2:1-7 which Joe and I had just had our morning devotion on.  So the message just reinforced it for us.

After church we changed our clothes and opened our gifts.  What a lot we all got.  Much more than we really should have.

Even Cody had lots of treats and toys.

 Elaine loved everything she got.  Here she is with a musical Snoopy and an attachment for her TV that she can plug all the components into from our brother Larry.  One of the gifts Joe and I gave her was a GPS which she can really use.

 Joe gave me a Keurig.  Last year he gave me a Tassimo which I really love, but it is so hard to find the disks for it.  The Keurig has cups all over the place.  Even our supermarket has them.  So it's much more practical.  The Tassimo is going to be used for our Bible Study group at church.  He had forgotten one of my gifts, so when I got home today I was able to open my last gift which was a Kindle Fire.  I love it.  But I can't use it at home because I need WiFi to run it and we don't have WiFi.  But work does, so guess what I'm doing on my lunch hour tomorrow.

 Joe was really surprised that I gave him a notebook.  I thought he could use it for the work he's doing with his Bible Study and preaching duties.  He loves it.  He also got the black leather gloves he has been wanting from my sister.

 Elaine's tree is so beautiful.  I never get tired of looking at it.

 For dinner we had prime rib, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls and of course our Christmas crackers.  I got a little toy bike to assemble and Joe got a heart shaped game, so we switched.  I didn't get the joke in my cracker, but Joe's was "How much does an auctioneer need to know?"  Answer:  "Lots"  (groan)  Christmas cracker jokes are always groaners.  But we put on our crowns and ate our dinner.

After dinner I went outside and took some pictures of Elaine's house.  It was much prettier than the picture makes it look.

I wasn't sick, but I wasn't feeling too well yesterday.  I took a nap and felt better.  But by last night my heart was beating strangely and I could tell my blood pressure was up.

This morning I got up feeling fine, but as the day wore on I got sicker and sicker.  Elaine took me to the pharmacy where she works but the pharmacist wasn't able to help me.  Both my doctor and my insurance company was closed.  The pharmacist did tell me that there was still some medication in my blood stream and as long as I was going home today and taking my medicine I should be fine.  I might feel a little off, but it would not be anything serious.  I was feeling OK though, so we went to the mall to look at after Christmas sales.  They had a "Santa Land" there.  The trees were beautiful and the animated bears were so cute.

I got some good sales.  We went back to Elaine's house, had a little bite to eat, and then left for home.  I am glad to be back home, but miss being in northern New Jersey  with Elaine.  I took my medicine as soon as I got home, laid down for an hour and feel wonderful again.

Back to work tomorrow.  It's my late day (11:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.) so I am going to try to get some wash and cleaning done before I leave.  There is so much to put away and I have no idea where I am going to put it!

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  1. I have been thinking about you. Glad to know you did just fine without your meds.
    What a great Christmas for all of you.


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