Monday, June 20, 2011


Today was a rough day at work for me.  It was my supervisor, Donna's birthday on Saturday, so my boss asked me to buy her a cake to celebrate today.  I woke up late and left late.  That didn't help.  I went to ShopRite where we usually get a cake and there weren't any.  The lady behind the counter asked if I could come back after 2 p.m.

So then I went down the street to PathMark and got a cake there.  I had to wait and wait to get someone to write "Happy Birthday Donna" on it.  So I was REALLY late getting to work.  But I got a pretty cake.  As it turned out the cake from PathMark was better than the cakes I've been getting from ShopRite.  Hmmm...

Today was the first day of the Summer Reading Program.  The kids have gotten out of school and there were tons of them in the library.  It was very crowded and very noisy.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm glad the kids are in the library and not out on the streets.  But it's hard on us workers.

I was so tired I stopped for pizza on the way home instead of cooking.  I'm still very tired.  Got to go to bed on time tonight.  I see my surgeon tomorrow for a post-op follow-up.  Then off to work.

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