Monday, June 20, 2011


It took me awhile to find a picture of my dad to post today.

This was the best I could do.  I found that I just didn't have a lot of pictures of him.  And in what I did have, he was far away with a lot of other people.

My dad dropped out of school at a young age to join the Marine Corps.  This was one of the best parts of his life.  He was very proud of being a Marine.  (He did get his GED later in life.)

He had 8 children and we were all very important to him.  He loved us very much, had our pictures on his desk at work, and bragged about us all the time.

Twelve years ago on Father's Day we all got together for a family reunion.  My dad had liver cancer and we knew he was dying.  He went to be with the Lord four days later on June 24th after suffering a great deal.  I am so glad we were with him that last Father's Day.

He was 64 years old when he died.  He had been planning on retiring two months later when he turned 65.  He worked very hard his whole life and I wish he had had time to just relax and enjoy his life.  But God had other plans.

So Father's Day is always a hard day for me because I miss him so much.  But I know I will see him again.  I love you, Dad.


  1. Yes, he did work hard his whole life, but it never effected his sense of hummor. He was allways teasing someone. Your dad was a good guy.

  2. This was a great post honoring your dad.


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