Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This was a day like no other!  It began with me going to see the surgeon for my 6 month check-up.  My appointment was for 9:15.  We were making really good time getting there and suddenly all the traffic stopped.  They were doing construction on 10th Street.  Three lanes went into one.  It was only a block long, but what a tie-up it made.

When we got there, we had trouble finding parking, and then got lost in the hospital.  This place is huge!  So when we finally got there we were 15 minutes late.  It didn't matter though because my doctor had emergency surgery this morning and I didn't even get to see her until 10:45.  I never get in and out of there fast.

She said that everything looks good.  Sometime in September I am to get an upper GI test to make sure that everything is in place and is working the way it should.  GOOD NEWS!

We then went to the cashier and I finished paying for my hospital bill.  I no longer have that hanging over my head.  MORE GOOD NEWS!

Joe took me to the hospital's gift shop.  Being sick in the hospital I had never seen it.  It was nice.  I mean really nice.  They had some 3-D bookmarks and Joe bought me one with planets on it that I fell in love with.  He's a sweetie!

Joe and I went home, ate lunch, and then I went to work two hours late.  When I got in I was told to call the Area Administrator.  I knew this was something either very good or very bad because you just don't get calls from her for nothing.  I called and found that I was being offered the Library Assistant 2 job!  Very few people take the test and are offered a promotion the first time around, so I was surprised and very happy.  EVEN MORE GOOD NEWS!

So now for the not so good news.  Because there is no opening anywhere near me, I am being sent to the Haddington Branch which is a 30-45 minute drive away.  BUT, it's a little more complicated.  You see, I have been picked to be the new LA2 at the Richmond Branch where I am now as soon as my current supervisor retires on August 5th.  So until then, I have to spend my time across the city.  Basically it's for about a month, then I get to come back.  But you never know with the Free Library.  They often tell you one thing, and do another.

I told the Administrator that I had to talk to Joe and would give her a definite answer tomorrow.  Joe and I prayed and talked about it and have decided I should take the job.  The people downtown have really done their best to give me what I want and to promote me quickly.  If I work with them, they will remember it and work with me.  Also it's only for a month and one week of that month I will be on vacation, so it's really only three weeks.  Not many people get handpicked for a place.  All this seems to be working in my favor.  And when I prayed I had a peace about going to this branch.

So here's the next stage in my journey.  Let's see where this part of my trip through life takes me.

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  1. CONGRATS!! I think the whole thing is good news. I agree with you about working with them on this. A month seems like a small consession. There are no promises in the workplace; you can only make a decision based on the info you have today. You prayed & the peace He gave you was the answer. Trust Him to lead you.
    It was great hearing the doctor's report. Leave it to Joe to
    make the day special! I love days like that when the so-called 'small
    things' are the cherry on our sundae!


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