Saturday, June 11, 2011


I finally got around to getting outside today.  It's just been too hot this week to do anything.  So today was the day.  I got the grass cut and then cleaned up the patio.  How do I accumulate so much stuff?

The next thing I did was my center bed with the gazing ball.

My mums came back this year.  I thought they had died.  And one is starting to bloom.  Stop!  Don't you know this is the wrong time of year for you to bloom?

All of a sudden even though it was sunny it started to rain.  I stayed out for a little bit, but then it got heavy and I had to run into the house and wait until it was over.

Joe bought me this wind chime for my birthday a couple of years ago.  I love it.

So after the rain let up I weeded the small bed near the house and planted the impatience I bought at the farm last week.  The flowers have fallen off, but there are lots of buds on it.  I want to get another plant when I go next week.  There's one lamb's ear plant left.  I used to have a lot of them that I got from my sister.  Hopefully this one will spread to fill in the bed.  I also put in new solar lights.  They are looking beautiful tonight.

I put my lettuce in a tall pot to save it from whatever animal was eating it.  It's looking good.

But my poor herbs have been burned up by the heat.  The rosemary, parsley and chives are still there, though, so hopefully they will recover.

I planted the squash plant in my long container.  I want to get another squash plant next week too.

My tomatoes are doing well too.

Here's the first tomato.  (You can tell I was digging in the dirt.  Look how dirty my hands are.)  I can't wait till it gets big enough to eat.


  1. Good Morning, Kathy.
    You really have been doing a good job with your gardens. Your mums look so healthy. If you don't want them to bloom till fall, keep pinching them back until the 4th of July. Then let them go.

  2. Thanks, Cherdecor. Didn't know that.

  3. Looking good :-)

    Did you ever get those climbing roses tamed? JC ...


  4. Val, not yet. I will later this week. Have to have a cool day to wear full gear and deal with the poison ivy.


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