Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I haven't talked about it much, but I have been very concerned about my new work assignment at the Haddington Branch.  It is not a great neighborhood and it is far from home.  I was not looking forward to having a 30-45 minute drive every day.  I kept thinking about being so far from Joe if he got sick or had a seizure.  

Another thing I  was concerned with was I still have not gotten my letter telling me I was promoted and where and when to report.  In other words, I've been in limbo not knowing if I were officially an LA 1 or an LA 2.

The third thing bothering me was that the Richmond Branch would be shorthanded without me there.  The first week of July Donna is on vacation.  That leaves only Diane there.  The second week of July Diane is on vacation.  That leaves only Donna.  And to top it off Donna has jury duty on Wednesday.  If she is picked, she could be out the rest of the week and that would leave no one to work the library.  The branch would have to close in the middle of the summer reading program.

I spoke to the branch head, Jerry, this morning about these things.  He said he had written an email to the Area Administrator, Anne, last week but hadn't heard anything.  I said, "I think I'll call her because I need to know where I will be going on Tuesday."

Anne was very helpful and it turns out that when she read Jerry's email, she went to her boss.  Together they decided that I should stay at the Richmond Library and not go to Haddington at all.  That's why I haven't gotten a letter to move.  They are giving me a month to get trained while Donna is still there and then when she retires on August 5th I will become the LA 2 for the branch.

I am so thankful to God for His provision for me.  I couldn't see how this would all work out, but He did.  And I am so happy today that I don't have to move again.


  1. That is so fantastic! God is awesome! I am so excited you get to stay at Richmond. That solved all your concerns in one shot. That is truly an answer to prayer.


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