Tuesday, October 18, 2016


I found this picture on facebook and had to copy it.  I just love this fall wagon.  I wish I had room in my yard to put something like this.  It's so pretty.

It was another beautiful day today -- up in the 80s.  I know that tomorrow is the last day for this kind of weather, but I am enjoying it immensely while it is here.  Sort of a last hurrah before the winter sets in.  Don't get me wrong, I love fall and even winter has its charm.  Sitting by the kitchen window with a mug of hot chocolate watching the snow fall is lovely if I don't have anywhere to go.  But sitting around in shorts and a t-shirt with bare feet and sipping iced tea is lovely too.  And it's so seldom we can do this in October.

Bible study was awesome today.  We are studying the seven churches of Revelation and today was Smyrna -- the persecuted church.  We talked about how Christians around the world are persecuted for their faith and it made us realize just how good God is to us Christians in the USA.  I don't know about the others, but I got a lot out of it.  I think when you teach you always get a lot out of the lesson because you really have to know it.

Cherdecor asked me about the winter pansies and ornamental kale that I showed pictures of at the farm on Saturday.  I answered her, but thought I would post it here too in case any of you are wondering.  I have not had kale in many years so I really don't remember how it holds up, but I know it was OK until well into the winter.  The pansies are called winter pansies because they like the cold.  I have had some that bloomed through most of the winter and only gave up when snow covered them.  But they came back in the spring and bloomed until the heat finally did them in.  They do not like summer at all.  Other varieties of pansies do, though, so I guess you could change them out with the seasons.  Hope that helps all of you.
I made Joe's favorite dinner tonight -- lamb chops and a big salad.  It was yummy.  We don't have lamb chops all that often so when we do it's a real treat.

So I thought I'd tell you about another of the Heart of Fall movies that I watched on Hallmark.  I have recorded a lot of them and watch them when I have spare time.  But I need to catch up!  Today's movie was called "A Taste of Romance".  It's about two restaurant owners who open restaurants next door to each other.  I'm beginning to see a trend in my movie watching.  A lot of them seem to have something to do with food!  Anyway, here's the review of the movie:

Uptight French chef Sara Westbrook (Teri Polo) gets fired up when her upscale café, Chez Varenne, is suddenly overshadowed by a new restaurant moving in next door run by a group of rowdy firemen. Led by handsome former fire fighter Gill Callahan (James Patrick Stuart) and his friend Danny (Rockmond Dunbar), The Five Alarm Grill is soon a big success while Sara and Patsy (Romy Rosemont), her pastry chef, struggle to bring in customers. 

Sara suddenly softens when she meets Gill's ten-year-old daughter Hannah (Bailee Madison) who she can't help but take under her wing when she learns Hannah is growing up without a mom. Ignoring the obvious tension between her dad and Sara, Hannah is soon playing matchmaker. As Gill and Sara slowly begin to stir up romance, their relationship is tested once again when a local food critic gets in the mix.
Image result for a taste of romance 
Again, it was a really cute movie and one I would recommend if you are looking for something to watch.  I like the Hallmark movies because there is nothing dirty in them or even questionable.  Such a pleasure to have a nice family movie to watch in today's world.

So now it's on to finishing the wash and dishes and getting myself ready for bed.  Nothing I have to do in the morning so I can sleep in.  That's nice.

Hope you all have a good night.

 Sunrise:  7:14 a.m.
Sunset:  6:15 p.m.
11 hours and 1 minute of daylight
Temperature:  82*/66*


  1. I agree about the lesson in Bible study.It was a true discussion & I learned a lot about taking things for granted.

    1. Good! I'm glad you got something out of it.

  2. You got me watching the Hallmark movies, now!
    I taped one, Pumpkin Pie Wars (I think). very wholesome and cute.

    1. I recorded that one too, but haven't had a chance to watch it yet.

  3. I do love that wagon with fall flowers and pumpkins. Thank you for your info about the pansies and kale. I didn't know there were winter pansies. Hmm! I have seen that movie a couple of times and it is a good one.

    1. Glad to pass on the information. Hope it helps you.


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