Thursday, October 13, 2016


This one of my friend Marianne's volunteers should be in the FBI!
June 24
Labicq was working the Summer Reading Game Table. He is a little older than I thought, actually 13. Ahmad, another volunteer, wanted to get his Summer Reading Game credit for the books he read. Labicq sat there twiddling a pencil and dangling the roll of stickers at the same time while listening to Ahmad talk about his book. Every once in a while I heard Labicq say, "Well? And then what happened?" "Who was that character that did that?" When Ahmad responded, Labicq said, "I think I need more information. You just finished reading that book and you don't know the character's name?" Still dangling the roll of stickers as a lure, the bait, the tease. Ahmad answered, "Oh, I know. This is his name." He proceeded to give the name. 

Labicq raised his voice triumphantly. " Wrong! I knew it! I knew you didn't know. Man, what's the matter with you? You lying to me or what?" Ahmad said he wasn't lying, all the while eyeing the roll of stickers and pencil Labicq still held. 

"Do I get my stickers or not?" 

"Keep talking. I'm not satisfied you read this book." 

When the grueling interrogation was over, Ahmad said that was the longest he had ever talked at one time, exactly 15 minutes. He walked away. I asked Labicq why he quizzed Ahmad so thoroughly. 

"Ms. B, he was just talking random things. Just throwing them out there. He was making no sense. I READ that book. I remember everything. How could he not remember the character's name?" 

"Labicq, you are tougher than I am." 

"That's why I'm here, Ms. B. I will make sure no one gets a prize if he doesn't deserve it." 

I chuckled and thanked Labicq for his work. He actually stayed a half hour later to make sure Ahmad was telling the truth because Ahmad is known for spinning stories quite well. Labicq glanced at me shyly, blushed and said, "Anytime, Ms. B. You can count on me!"


  1. -All these little human dramas! Love it. Love these 'stories'. xo Diana

  2. Hi Kathy! Love your little kid stories!! I could almost write a book on the funny things my little grandchildren say. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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