Wednesday, June 30, 2021


 Hello, friends!  Hope you are having a wonderful day.  Here it is the middle of another week.  And the last day of June.  Time just marches on.  The year is half over already!

We had a good Ladies Bible Study yesterday although I was very late.  I overslept and it just went from there.  But things still went well.  We just didn't get as much studied, but that's OK because we are not on a time schedule.

It has been so hot here.  I know there are many of you in the western states who have it even worse than I do.  I feel sorry for you and pray for you.  But it is very hot here too.  We have been having the air conditioner running non-stop.  Right now I have it turned off and the front door open to get the cool fresh air into the house.  It is so pleasant in the early morning.  (It's about 5:30 a.m. as I write this.)  I try to do all I need to in the morning because as soon as it gets hot, I'm done.

The heat has taken a toll on my garden too.  My marigolds are all dried up and withered even though I try to water them.  The other plants aren't doing all that well either.  But I did take some photos before it got brutal so I wanted to share them with you.  Sorry some of these are rather dark.  I hope you can see them.  I need to check the light meter on my camera.

Last year I had no flowers at all on my hydrangea.  This year it is overrun with them.  So many and so beautiful.

The red and white petunias all died off.  Fortunately there were lots of buds and they all came back.


The roses have been beautiful.

The basil is going crazy and the parsley is up too.

And for the first time ever the tree has crab apples on it.

I was reading on Google that the seeds contain cyanide and are poisonous to people and animals.  The stray cats won't bother them because they are well fed and cats want meat not vegetation.  But I need to warn our next-door neighbors who have dogs.  Dogs are especially vulnerable it seems.  And if I decide to use them for something, I need to be careful about getting rid of the seeds and anything near them.  Have any of you heard about this?  Have you ever eaten a crab apple?

I was going to show you the patio area also, but those photos are really dark.  I will retake them and show you later.

And now I need to get going with my day.  Lots to do.  I asked my friend, Donna, to come for lunch after church on Fourth of July.  So I need to get this house cleaned up.  And I need to stop at ShopRite for my medication and I'll buy some food there too for Sunday.  I'm going to look for a watermelon slice.

So see you all later.  Have a wonderful day.



  1. Hi Kathy, thanks for the recent visit and comment on my sand sculptures post. This was the first time we had gone to see them and so glad we did. Yes, it’s hot here in NH too and our AC is on all day too. Your flowers were nice to see and as for the camera setting, you may be able to “up” the exposure using a + or - on the camera as many point & shoot models have this feature. I plan to spend some time catching up on blogs later today and will be reading some of your previous ones as well.

  2. Hi Kathy. My garden has suffered with the heat this summer too, but some of the flowers are thriving - and I have lot of little tomatoes and even some grapes and plums on our little dwarf plum tree. It's hot here too, but not as hot as at the first part of June. We had more rain last night so that was nice and cooled things off. Enjoy the rest of the week and have a very happy and safe 4th of July! Have a nice lunch with your friend!

  3. Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers! I don't think they do that well this far South but I love seeing yours!

  4. Awwwww.... get out there and water, girl!! I water once in the cool of the morning and, if needed, once in the cool of the (very) late evening. You should do that too... no reason not to. ~Andrea xoxoxo

    1. I do water them. But nothing seems to help when it is 112° outside.

  5. The heat hasn't been kind to most of our gardens. Some of the roses are still blossoming though. Stay cool and have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

  6. Good to hear from you. We're in So. CA. so the heat is always expected this time of year. It's been in the low 90's and low 60's at night. We have many established trees around our house so that brings the temps down too. We can't grow some of the beautiful flowers that you grow but roses, hollyhocks, geraniums, and petunias do nicely....even in the heat. Of course, the vegetables and fruit trees thrive. Your hydrangea are beautiful. Have a blessed 4th of July. Patty McDonald

  7. I hope it cools down in PA soon as I read there was heat and storms coming in east coast. A few of my plants have died, but not sure. Older hydrangea bush looks all dried up and pansies. It was much cooler today than expected which is good for me. I am making a potato salad for potluck lunch after church on Sunday. We get to see our new gym that's nearly finished and I think the service is in there as well. Not sure. St. Paul rodeo on Sat evening. I like your hydrangea colors. Sometimes it depends on the lighting when you are taking the photo. Move to a different spot. Have your flash on if there's low light. Have a good week!

  8. My hydrangea didn't bloom last year either but it's looking good this year. We've been hot and muggy but it's cooling off for the weekend and that will make it nice for everyone's July 4th celebrations. Have a good weekend.

  9. The heat has taken a toll on everything...except..COLEUS! That is one plant that lives through it all.I have no luck with plants but love these. You get color too!Thank you for showing your garden!

  10. Your garden looks lovely! I sympathize with the heat - so hot. But I think it is worse in Philly than here in Lancaster County. Have a Happy Fourth!


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