Sunday, June 6, 2021



Hello, friends!  Happy Sunday!  It is a beautiful morning here, sunny and not too hot or humid.  Yet.  It is supposed to be awful today.

I am getting ready for church and had an idea this morning that I would share my Sunday School lesson with you each week.  Yes, it's for kids but there is always (ALWAYS) something new to be learned and to think about.  So here is today's study.


God's people were joyful when God helped Moses lead them from slavery in Egypt.  They sang songs and danced, and they were thankful that they were safe.

God's people weren't sure which way to travel as they left Egypt.  But God had a plan for them.  He had a special place he wanted them to go.  So he gave them a cloud by day and a pillar of fire at night to follow.

After traveling for about three days, God's people were tired and thirsty.  They had been walking for three days without any water to drink.  Then some people in the front of the crowd saw springs of water ahead of them.  God's people were so excited!

But as they drew closer and actually tasted the water, they found it was bitter.  They could not drink this water after all.  Now God's people were disappointed.

"I'm so thirsty," said one.

"Moses, why did you bring us out into the desert to die of thirst?" another asked with anger.  "You should have left us in Egypt."

Soon all the people could think about was their thirst and hunger.  They grumbled about everything!  They had forgotten completely about God's miracle of helping them leave slavery in Egypt.  More importantly, they forgot God's promise that he would always care for them.

Moses prayed and asked God what he should do with all these grumbly people.  God was not pleased with his people's grumbling, but he helped them anyway.

"Throw a piece of wood into the water, Moses," said God.  "The water will turn sweet, and the people can drink it."  Moses obeyed God and the water became sweet.  God's people were happy as they drank it.

Moses told the people, "God does not like to hear grumbling.  He will always take care of us."

--based on Exodus 15:22-27

Think about it, friends.  What do you grumble about and what does God think of our grumbling?  Even in the worst of times we have so much to be thankful for.  Philippians 2:14 tells us "Do everything without complaining."  I am certainly not up to that standard and I don't know anyone who is.  But it is certainly something to strive for.

Have a wonderful Sunday!  I have so much to share with you this week so I will be back soon.



  1. Thank you for sharing that teaching, Kathy!! Our pastor's wife does children's church and during COVID she started broadcasting it on YouTube... right before our regular church service was broadcast. I'm tellin' ya... I am so blessed by that children's teaching! Simple, easy to understand, sticks with me. I love it! So thank you for sharing your teaching to the children also. Happy Sunday~ Andrea xoxo

  2. I liked the story you shared about Israelites leaving Egypt. It was a specific type of wood that helped water taste better. God is always there for us. We are in the book of Joshua at church. He helped the 2nd generation of people whose parents were no longer there. Quite the sermon last Sunday and today. This month K-5 grade class is open. 2 months ago nursery-preschool was open. We are praying the gym in June opens up as it's nearly finished. Our church has been open for months. Last month no masks needed to be worn unless you wanted to. Hopefully our crazy governor will open Oregon no masks. Have a good week!

  3. Perhaps this would have been great for people to read during COVID...whining abounded

  4. How on target! I like getting back to the basics sometimes. I am not at that standard either. However if I catch myself in a complaint,I try to follow with a praise,something I am grateful for. There are so many more of those! Thank you for a great lesson!

  5. Good reminder! Thank you!

  6. I teach youth Sunday school also and it's good to keep it simple yet spirit filled like your lesson. It's easy to forget God's goodness when times get rough. He always is there and usually his answers are simple like throwing wood into the water. We just need to take time to believe and listen. Have a good week.

  7. Hi Kathy. Such a great Sunday School lesson and an important message. Thanks for sharing. See you again soon. :-)


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