Sunday, June 13, 2021



Hello, friends!  Happy Sunday!  Welcome back to another Sunday Praise.  Praising God is so important.  Today I am teaching the children about:


While God's people were camping at Mt. Sinai, God gave them ten special laws to help them know how to live and worship him better.  God gave these rules to Moses to share with his people.  These laws are recorded in the Bible.  God still wants us to follow them today.

Four of the rules were about God.  We should worship God only -- the one true God.  We shouldn't bow down to idols or love anything or anyone more than we love God.  God doesn't want us to make fun of his name or say it in anger.  God wants us to spend one day every week in rest and worship.  God said, "Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it holy."

Then God told Moses to teach the people to honor their parents.  He does not want us to disobey or disrespect our parents.

"Don't take the lives of others," God then said.  "And if you are married, keep your wedding vows."

God also gave us the laws that say "Don't take what isn't yours" and "Don't lie or deceive anyone."  The tenth law God gave was "Don't wish you could have something that belongs to someone else.  Be happy with your own belongings."

God gave us ten rules to live by.  These are ten rules we can learn to help us worship God better.

Psalm 119:108 tells us, "LORD... teach me your laws."  How can we learn God's laws?  Is it a matter of learning Exodus 20 by rote?  Or is it a heart knowledge even if we can't quote the ten commandments perfectly from memory?  God gave us these laws to make our life better, not put restraints on us.  We all break them.  Over and over.  How wonderful that our God forgives us over and over if we just go to Him in humility and ask forgiveness.

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  1. Hi Kathy. I just watched your Youtube about your visit to your sister's house. I love your simplified explanation of The Ten Commandments. I know the children you teach love to be in your class. Have a lovely Sunday. :-)

  2. I enjoyed your lesson on the Ten Commandments. It's good to go back to the basics.

  3. I'm sure your lesson was one that impacted those who were taught it yesterday. Thanks for sharing it with us!


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