Saturday, August 31, 2019


Hello, friends!  I am having such a hard time realizing that August is gone.  Labor Day is here.  School is back in session for everyone this coming week.  (Some schools started last week, some this coming week.)  Now don't get me wrong.  Much as I love summer, I also love fall.  Really love fall.  It's just the season after fall I have trouble with.  Although last year wasn't all that bad -- comparatively speaking.

So what happened this past month?
I began the month with a few days at my sister's house.  That was so nice and relaxing.  I saw so many butterflies there.  More than I have seen in many years.

I bought a new doormat at Lowe's.  It is so pretty.  I'm glad I got it.

And I love the beautiful wreath I bought at the thrift store Elaine took me to.  It matches the colors of the house numbers we have.  I think the front of the house is so pretty.

Joe bought me flowers twice this month!  I just threw out the last of the second bouquet.  Both of them lasted a long time.

I went to Urgent Care twice and the cardiologist once all in the same week!  At least I got the care I needed and am doing so much better now.

It's been a very hot month.  When I show you my temperature blanket in a few days you will see just how hot it has been.  There is a lot of orange (90*F + weather).

The elderly lady from our church went to be with Jesus after suffering for several months.  The funeral was beautiful.

And finally I began a part-time job at the church I attend.  I really like it and find I am getting so much done.  But my body doesn't like it.  We will see how it works out as time goes on.

So that is August and tomorrow is September -- my favorite month of the year.  So much going on in September.  And I will be taking you along with me.  Have a good night everyone!



  1. The wreath is so pretty! Along with the doormat do make the front of your house very welcoming. While September's here with perhaps new surprises,I think it's kinda sad to say goodbye to the old month. I can imagine Woodstock dragging his feet on the beach.... I am lookking forward to cooler breezes though.

  2. I know! Can you believe it?! It only proves that all things come to an end. May September be a beautiful one for you!

  3. Love the wreath and door mat. How sweet of Joe to bring you flowers. That just makes my day if I get flowers. I am already missing summer (seems I missed it) but I do so love Fall.

  4. Hit send too soon. Have a wonderful, blessed weekend. I hope working at the church part-time works out for you. xo Diana

  5. That wreath is beautiful. It is so nice of Joe to bring you flowers. If the work at the church gets to be too much for your body, can you maybe do it from home? Some phones let you switch the calls to another number so that they can be answered from a different place. I know what you mean though. My mind wants to do so many things, but my body says no no. I like September too. Let's hope the weather stays lovely all month long. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  6. Kathy, That Joe is so sweet to bring you flowers. I like the new wreath you hung on your front door. That was a fun time with your sister. I am praying we have a mild winter Kathy, like last year. I feel like we had a super wet spring and a terribly hot/dry summer. We need a break. Blessings to you, take care, xoxo, Susie

  7. Love the mat at your door and the wreath too. I agree, where did August go?? I'm never ready for summer to end. But school has started and the sports and extra activities are all starting again as we go!!


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