Friday, November 30, 2018


This is how I feel about fall and I am sorry to see it end.  It seemed much too short for me.  But here it is with December and winter on our doorstep.

At least it ended on a high for me.  We had one last day in Lancaster County.  After the day before we were tired and we slept in.  I always get up before Joe does and today was no exception.  I was able to read my email, etc. before he woke up.  So by the time we got ourselves ready, it was later than we would have liked to get ourselves to breakfast.  We still had time though and breakfast was good again.  Most of the tables were full so we got a table with four seats.

Joe went up first and he got scrambled eggs, Danish, chocolate swirl pound cake and a banana.  Really healthy.  When he got back, I went up for my meal.  I got scrambled eggs, sausage and peaches.

When I got back to the table a lady was sitting with Joe.  Joe introduced us and told me she and her sister needed a place to sit and asked if they could sit with us.  Of course it was fine.  When we joined hands to say grace, she said she knew she had picked the right table.  Her name was Malina and her sister was Carolyn.  What wonderful ladies they were.  We so enjoyed our meal together.  In fact breakfast was over, the staff was cleaning up, and we were still there talking.  They were going to see the show at Sight and Sound today and then head home -- one to Washington, DC and the other to Durham, NC.

We asked our friend Jessie to take our picture and she did.  A couple for each of us.  Malina is on the left and Carolyn on the right.

I took one of just the three of them.

We went back to the room, packed up, settled the bill and it was time to go.

But before I did I got pictures of the last few gingerbread decorations.  They were all in the dining area.

I think we have to come back next year just to see the decorations.

After we left we headed for Lenox.  I had a 30% off coupon that I wanted to use.  I got some very nice Kate Spade travel mugs for my friends Carol and Donna.  They were originally $36.00 and I got them for $6.00.  So I got one for myself too!  I also got some cute kitchen towels and a couple of Christmas gifts.

We left there and went to Kirklands.  I didn't know they had a 40% off sale on all Christmas items today only.  Boy, I'd like to have about $500.00 to spend in that store.  I could do some real damage.  It was wonderful!  But I spent only $20.00.  I originally went in for a couple of Christmas scented (orange and clove) sachets.  Bathrooms tend to smell funky and I thought it would be good there.  Well, I walk into the store and a great gift for Joe is sitting right there and it's on sale.  Sold!  As I'm waiting in line I see a set of ceramic measuring cups.  My Pioneer Woman set had broken when they fell and this set matched my pans perfectly so they decided they wanted to come home with me.

After shopping we headed for home.  We made really good time and got home by 1:45 p.m.  When we got here there was a box on the front step full of food for the pantry at church.  Instead of bringing it inside, we put it in the car and headed over to church.  We got to see Pastor Ralph and talk to him a little bit and then it was off to get something to eat.

Where to go?  We ended up at McDonald's drive through.  We didn't want to leave the car in a parking lot when it was still full of suitcases and merchandise.

After eating, the rest of the night has consisted of trying to empty the car and put things away.  Now I am so tired I am going to bed.  Tomorrow begins Blogmas where I will be posting every day until Christmas.  Be sure to peek into my Christmas world.  There is so much to show you!  I'm excited.

Have a wonderful night.  I'll be getting my sleep.  I need it.



  1. It's always a pleasure when you meet nice people like those ladies. I know it makes my day at the Clinic. I absolutely love the gingerbread 'family' in the first photo! Adorable! Glad you were able to catch such great deals in the stores. No wonder you were tired. Sounds like you both really had a great time.

  2. How nice to meet new people and enjoy talking with them. Sounds like your whole trip was fun and eventful. You will have to rest for a few days to play catch up.

  3. So glad you had a nice time and had a safe journey home. Things just 'jump' into our possession, don't they? Especially when on sale :) Sounds like a successful shopping trip for you too. I need to head to the outlets soon but will certainly avoid the weekends right now!!
    Have a great day, my friend!

  4. Another wonderful trip and throwing in shopping on the way home is a plus, plus!! Good stuff, Kathy! Happy weekend!

  5. Glad you found some good buys while shopping. I stayed home today and enjoyed myself and did get a few things done. Not as much as I'd wished but cleaning up is an option I don't get alot of time for so I did so here and there. Glad you had a safe trip home and enjoyed yourselves. Looking foward to your blogmas. Have a good weekend!


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