Friday, October 24, 2014


Thursday, October 23 -- I feel as if I've lived two days today.  And I am so tired.  It began with Joe and I leaving the house at 7:00 a.m. this morning to get him to the hospital in time for his test at 8:00 a.m.  The drive in the morning is always hard with all the traffic and it didn't help that it was raining so hard.

We got there in plenty of time.  I hadn't eaten breakfast so we stopped at the Starbucks in there and I got a blueberry muffin.  We had brought water and soda with us so that saved us some money.  Then we went to nuclear medicine and checked in.

It wasn't long before Joe got the medicine they needed to use to do the test and then it was a waiting game.  I went to the Canteen and ate my muffin, then came back.  After Joe got the second round of drugs he had a three hour window.  He got a chit for a free meal so we went to the Canteen and he got a salad and a bagel because he hadn't been able to eat since the day before.  I looked in the gift shop.  They had lovely things, but everything was so expensive!

While we were waiting for the three hours to be up, Joe went to another doctor's appointment.  I sat in the waiting room and read my book.  I was so tired because I had had only 3 hours sleep the night before that I fell asleep and woke up when the book dropped from my hand.  That was so embarrassing.  But I had had about 1/2 hour sleep and I felt so much better.

After Joe's test we headed home.  Joe had wanted me to just drop him off and go home but I am so glad I stayed.  His back is so bad that he is having trouble walking and used his walker today.  He would have had an awfully hard time trying to manage everything himself.  But...  he had me all over that hospital.  Three different floors and one end to the other.  I was tired!

We stopped at Wawa and I got a salad for lunch.  It was after 1:00 p.m. by now.  And then I had to go to work.  I got to work around 3:00 p.m. and worked until 8:00 p.m.  It was extremely busy!

Needless to say I did not feel like cooking dinner tonight.  I was going to stop at Old English and get a couple of steak sandwiches, but then thought about stopping at Wawa and getting a turkey bowl.  They sell them for only six weeks during the end of October and the month of November.  It is mashed potatoes, stuffing, sliced turkey, gravy and cranberry sauce.  So good.  So I surprised Joe by bringing home two bowls.  Of course immediately after eating I fell asleep.  Any guesses why?  That is why it is now 2:30 a.m. and I am writing my post now.  

I know today is going to be less stressful.  I am working at Fishtown today so it will be an easy day.  Next week my friend Debbie is starting a new job with the library.  Congrats Deb!  And she will be working at Fishtown!  Unfortunately we probably will not be working the same day.  They usually don't call in the part timers when they have extra people from Richmond on Fridays.

Now on to the photo challenge.  The topic today is "The View From Here."  I really wasn't sure what to do for this, then decided I would show you the view from here -- my home!  This is the view out of the front window.  (And I'm not showing you shots of huge snowstorms.  I have loads of those pictures, but I'm not thinking about snow just yet.)

This is facing east, so again this is my "calm" time of day -- dusk.  Even though the sky is darkening for the evening, the sun is still shining in the west and lights up the front of these homes.

And here is the view from the back of my house.  Welcome to my garden.

I love sitting out here talking with friends or reading a book.  Or even eating breakfast at the table.  It may look like a small yard, but it is a good size for the city.  Most people do not have this much land.

So now I am going back to bed and try to get some more sleep.  Morning is coming quickly.  Until later...

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  1. My gosh,Kathy! I was simply reading your day & it made me tired,let alone on less sleep! My heart goes out to you.I hope Joe feels better as the day goes on. It was probably the test took a toll on him.I love your choice of photos. It's beautiful when the sun paints everything golden....My yard is much,much smaller than yours but I like to sit out with a cup of tea & listen to the birds,feel the breeze & see God in all of it.
    Thank you for the encouragement! I am really looking forward to the challenge of a new job,meeting new people,learning...all of it! My heartfelt appreciation to you (& my fellowship friends!) for your support.
    Take any of those 'cat naps' you can. Studies show they're empowering! Rest some,my friend...

  2. Kathy, I am wore out from reading about your busy day. LOL. that was a lot for one day. I have had those...and long to sleep . Hope everything works out well for Joe. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. I like your little piece of green. It's a nice place to still be connected to nature.

  3. what a day you and Joe had. Glad you made it thru. Hey, a cat nap will do ya good. Obviously you needed it! i love your little back garden area. So cozy. Today seems to be a calmer day, weatherwise. But it's not even close to 60 degrees and it's almost noon!

  4. I sure hope you have a chance to relax over the weekend! I know it's been stressful and it's hard on you both. It's nice to see your home and pretty back yard. Wish we could sit out there together and talk. Wouldn't that be nice? Sweet hugs, Diane


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