Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Today at work was pretty bad.  One lady screamed at me that I always had it in for her, was always nasty to her and lied about her all the time.  Is it a full moon?

I am just so very tired all the time.  I even fell asleep sitting up watching TV.

So let's get right to today's photo challenge.  The topic was 4 o'clock.  I didn't know what to do with this except photograph the clock at work.

When I read Bevy and Kaitlin's entries, they also photographed clocks.  I guess that was the thing to do.  Four o'clock used to be the "witching hour" at work -- that last hour before we got out of work.  Now that our hours have been changed and we don't get out until six it is just another hour.  But still, when we see it we know the time is short.  On our late days, however, it is just another hour.  It is actually Bob's lunch hour.  Diane gets 5 o'clock dinner and I get 6 o'clock.  So it's two hours until dinner for me and then working until 8 p.m.

I'm falling asleep so I will end for today.  Until later....

I'm linking up with Kaitlin at Homemaker Design for this October photo challenge.



  1. I must confess.... when I read that the challenge was four o'clock the first thing I thought of was
    a cup of tea. I must have a spot of British in me, ya think?
    My heart goes out to you about people like that. I I know you try to take it in stride,but it still must
    hurt. I actually feel for those people.I don't think they have anyone who cares about them. That's sad....
    Hope today goes better!

  2. Sorry about the rough work day!! That's just not fun...or needed!

    I wanted to be more creative with this prompt...(Debbie above had a nice idea there) but it's just so busy at my house at that moment...and so clocks were the theme of the day I guess for all of us! It's a lot of pressure to nail a good shot when you literally only have a minute to work with (unless you are like Bevy and move the hands! tsk tsk! heheheeh!)


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