Friday, May 31, 2013


OK, who took the month of May and what did you do with it?  How do these months just fly by?  I remember it being April and looking forward to our trip to the shore and now we're heading for June.  I just don't know where the time goes.

Since I am working tomorrow I had off from work today.  This is my last Saturday to work until the fall.  Whoo hoo!  I enjoy having my summer Saturdays.

I spent a lot of time today at the hospital getting several x-rays of my jaw.  It has been hurting me and that's one of the signs that the Zometa I am given is not working correctly.  I think I am OK though because after the pictures were taken they let me leave without seeing the doctor.

The woman who checked me in at the x-ray lab apologized because she was so slow.  She explained that this was not her usual job, but they were shorthanded and she offered to help them out.  When she told me how much I owed for my co-pay, she said I had a balance.  I knew I did and said I would go to the cashier to pay for it.  She said I could pay the whole thing there, so I did.  We talked about my upcoming surgery and she said I owed for that too.  I told her I had already paid and that I had been double billed for my heart catheterization.   It turns out that she is the head of billing and she was able to straighten everything out.  She said all the people whose names were on my billing report worked for her.  She gave me receipts for everything and then gave me her card.  She said whatever I need (ANYTHING) to give her a call and she would help me.  Did God put me at that particular window with that particular person for a reason?  I believe He truly did.  I walked away feeling so very blessed.

On the way home Joe and I were both hungry so we stopped at the Dining Car Diner.

We haven't been there in YEARS and we've never been there together.  The food was good, the service was good and the prices were reasonable.  I think we will go there again.

I went to do some work in the yard this evening.  I waited till evening because it was 94* here today.  When I went for my clippers, it turns out that the vinyl box I was keeping everything in had come open and it was FULL of dirty and stinking water.  The tools were ruined.  So now I will have to stop and get new tools this weekend so I can clean up the rosebushes and the overgrown ivy.

We ended the day having Chinese take away.  It was just too hot in the kitchen to eat.  And now the dishwasher is going and I am going to put a load of clothes in before I go to bed.  Have a good night everyone. 


  1. This month has gone by fast and now it's time to do the after Nicaragua jobs. That's ok, I have my head back into life's game. I bought a planter pot for a flower I bought last weekend and got my car washed among other things. Sorry to hear your tools are ruined. Hope you can find some good deals as it's that time of year.

  2. Goodness, you have had a DAY!!!!
    Yes, I think God had a hand in the hospital incident regarding billing! That can take FOREVER to get straightened out!
    You did a little bit of so many different things today! Pace yourself!
    Hard to believe it's hotter THERE than it is in Texas! And would you believe all the storms that keep swirling around?
    Love and prayers that you get a good night's sleep!

  3. I just love when good things happen to good people.
    Thank you God!

  4. You are truly blessed with that wonderful lady! Billing in ANY form is agrivating. It's a blessing to have help.
    Sorry to hear about your tools.
    It's frustrating when you had the work all planned...Hope you find a good sale!


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