Thursday, May 16, 2013


Yes, friends, I'm finally on vacation.  Three days in Ocean City, NJ starting tomorrow.  It almost didn't happen because of a mix up in my schedule at work and Joe now in a walker, but we are going even if all we do is sit on the boardwalk and look at the ocean.  We're hoping we are up to doing more than that, though.

I had a busy day today.  I started out stopping for a cake for Marquita before I went to work.  She is turning 30 tomorrow.  I know she was surprised because we forgot to give it to her until an hour before closing time.  I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it, but she did.  If she posts it on facebook, I will grab it to show you.  It was a beautiful cake.

I had to leave in the middle of the day to go to a doctor's appointment.  About 6 weeks ago I found a small lump in my breast where I had my cancer.  After having it examined by three doctors and having a mammogram and ultrasound everyone agrees that there is very little chance it is cancer, but seems to be some kind of "debris" from the scar tissue.  So on June 4th (hopefully) I will be having surgery to remove it.  They all agree better out and it is so tiny that the needle they use to do a biopsy is bigger than the lump!  I'm not at all worried.  In fact, the doctor today said I could go back to work 3 days after surgery and be fine.

After work Joe and I went to pick up our new glasses.  When Joe put his on he said he must have had really dirty glasses or his eyes had changed a lot!

Since I had used up most of the food at home because we were going away, we ended up at the Country Club again.  We just got burgers that were really good.  We figured it was a good way to begin our vacation.

So now I am trying to get dishes done, a load of wash done, clean up the house and pack.  I know it's not going to get all done tonight because this girl is TIRED!!!

Before I forget, thank you all for your prayers for my step-son, D.J.  He got through the surgery safely, but is in a lot of pain.  Please pray for him and for my daughter-in-law Christi who is taking care of him.  It's never easy being the "caretaker".

I'll be posting from OC next time.  Hopefully with lots of pictures.  In the meantime, here's a video I did when we were down last September.  It's of the ocean at sunrise.  I'm planning on going down to get pictures of the sunrise this time too.  The beach is full at 6:30 a.m. with photographers doing just that.

P.S.  Thought I'd add this one too.  Enjoy! 



  1. Hi Kathy,
    You guys have a fun and safe vacay.

    Wow we have the big family thing in common. How very cool.

    Hugs, Viola

  2. OK... I could watch those videos all day long!

    Have a great time! Take deep breaths of that wonderful ocean air.

  3. Have a safe trip and good time. I love the ocean as well, I need to go soon. I didn't get to go when I was in Nicaragua. Maybe next time. Will watch your videos on my laptop, not sur if it works on my tablet. God bless you both.


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