Friday, February 8, 2013


Look at what I woke up to on Wednesday.
 Yesterday it was clear and now today we are expecting a blizzard.  At least we are on the southern edge and will get more rain than snow, but my sister in northern New Jersey and my sister and brother in Maine are going to get hit badly.  24+ inches.

We had to have a new electric meter put in yesterday.  The city is changing all of the meters to digital that can be fixed remotely.  Our basement is just that -- a basement.  Full of junk.  Don't know what to do with it?  Just throw it down the basement for now.  So Joe and I have spent three days cleaning up the area where the meters are so the guy would have enough room to work.  I was lifting a lot of heavy stuff and pulled my back.  We got rid of so much stuff though.  Our pile of trash for pickup today is huge.

So yesterday at work my lower abdomen started hurting.  It felt like muscle spasms.  I have had trouble with my liver and gall bladder before and so that is where my mind went.  I went online to look up my symptoms and got all kinds of things.  You know I always think the worst.  I have an appointment with my doctor on Monday because I've had this pain off and on for a couple of weeks, but this was much worse and I called Joe from work and told him I wanted to go to the ER when I got home from work at 8:30 p.m.

But when I got home I laid down for a little bit while Joe made dinner.  I started feeling better and this morning the pain is gone.  I am still keeping the hospital as an option, but hopefully I can just see the doctor on Monday.  I think it may be my back causing the problems (I have spurs and bulging disks) and it really is muscle spasms and not something more serious.

Joe went to the store while I was laying down.  When he came back he had these for me.
Aren't they beautiful?  He said it was a "just because" gift.  He is such a sweet husband.

Well off to get ready for work.  If I feel bad today, I am definitely leaving early and getting some medical help.  But hopefully it's all done with for the weekend at least.  Until later....


  1. It sounds like a realy bad muscal sprain. Hope you freel better.

  2. Have you ever heard of a Mayopractor? I think that's what you may need.. they work with muscles disks and that sort of stuff.. I hope you get better! Joe is a sweet man! Beautiful flowers.

  3. I'm hoping you felt okay at work today. Don't you know not to self diagnose by the internet. I used to be the worlds worst for that and just had to quit. I always had myself diagnosed with the worst possible thing!

    How sweet of Joe to bring you flowers. What a kind gesture. Hope you two have a FABULOUS weekend!!!


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