Tuesday, February 5, 2013


There's nothing going on here lately, just normal every day stuff.  So I thought I would do another one of my continuing series on famous people Joe has met.  He has met more famous people than anyone I know.  I will tell you about his meeting with the famous chef Jacques Pepin.

Many years ago Joe was taking a trip where he was driving on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  At the time Howard Johnson's had the contract for restaurant stops along the turnpike.  Being hungry and knowing he could get a good meal, he stopped at one of them.  He was waited on right away, but his food took a little while to come out.  The waiter who took his order did not bring out his food, but another man did.  He placed the food on the table and said in a strong French accent, "Let me know if anything is good with your dinner or if there is anything you don't like."

After Joe ate, the man with the French accent returned and asked him how his dining experience was and how the food was.  Joe replied that both the food and service were excellent and anytime he was hungry and a Howard Johnson's was around he would eat there because he knew he would get a good product.  Joe introduced himself and asked him, "How is it that a Frenchman would work for Howard Johnson's?"  The man answered, "My name is Jacques Pepin and I am in charge of creating menus and training cooks throughout the Howard Johnson's chain."

Not many people know that this was one of Jacques Pepin's first jobs after he came to America.  He held this position for several years before setting out on his own and becoming a famous chef.  Joe had no way of knowing who Jacques Pepin was or that he would go so far in his career.  But that's Joe.  He always seems to meet the "rich and famous."

If you haven't read them, please go back and read about how he met Frank Perdue and Olivia Newton-John.  More stories coming later.  Yes, there's even more famous people Joe has met.  


  1. WOWee! That was an awesome post!! Joe is one lucky man!!! I am now curious about Olivia Newton John going back to read. That is amazing!!! Wow...

  2. Putting yourself "out there" and taking the time to introduce yourself to someone is very commendable.
    Joe has a personality that makes others feel good.
    Can't wait to read more about the other famous people he has met.


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