Sunday, February 10, 2013


Happy New Year!  This is the year of the snake.  I'm a snake on the Chinese Zodiac.  According to the Chinese Zodiac, the people born the year of the snake are smart and can be unscrupulous. Is that me?  Well, maybe the smart part.  Ha, ha.  Lucky colors are yellow and red.  I like the way yellow and red look together.


We celebrated by having  Chinese take out from the restaurant down the block from us.  We had "lucky" food
dumplings for prosperity and

long noodle lo mein for long life.

The noodles were not all that long in the lo mein so does that mean short life?  Everything was good.

     Here is a picture of the parade from Philly's Chinatown.  It's always a big event.

Joe has not been doing well.  Yesterday he slept all day, didn't even eat.  He was having a hard time waking up.  When he got up for dinner he had a hard time keeping his eyes open.  He finished eating and said he had to go back to bed.  He started upstairs holding a bottle of water and couldn't lift his foot high enough to get up the stairs.  I had to take the bottle from him and walk behind him holding on to him and lifting his feet for him to get up the stairs.  When he got to the bedroom door, he started to lean forward.  I grabbed him and told him he wasn't to the bed yet but he kept insisting he was because he could see it and ended up falling on the floor.  I couldn't pick him up so he had to get himself into bed.  I was never so happy to get him laid down, take off his glasses and cover him up.

Today we didn't go to church because he could not wake up and get up.  I wasn't feeling all that good myself, so I just laid around today too.  He got up to eat dinner again, but that was the first time he was up all day. It ended up with him laying on the sofa sleeping because he couldn't wake up.  I got him up enough to eat (although he didn't eat much) and then he went back to bed again.  He did watch about half of Downton Abbey on TV but then turned over to go to sleep.  I asked him if he would be OK tomorrow if I went to work and he started talking nonsense.  I kept saying I was serious and to answer me but he talked about running a video when he was "good and ready and not before."  Now he is asleep again.

I am very worried about him.  He is acting the way he did when we were first married and he was being poisoned by one of his medications.  I don't know what to do.  I think I am going to try to talk him into going to the Emergency Room in the morning.  So if you are a praying person, please pray for us.  I will let you know what happens. 

P.S.  After I wrote this post, I was watching TV and fell asleep on the sofa.  I woke up to a bang and found Joe laying in the hallway where he had fallen.  I had a really hard time getting him up.  He said he was heading for the bathroom and didn't know how he got on the floor but his head hurt where he had hit it.  I am definitely getting him some medical help tomorrow. 


  1. This sounds really serious. I will definately be praying for you both.

  2. I think you need a Doctor ASAP!!! go to the hospital and get help! I will be praying for his health..

  3. It sounds like he has had a stroke. Please call 911.


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