Sunday, February 24, 2013


I've had such a nice relaxing day today.  Just what I needed after yesterday's hard work.  After church today we went out to lunch with our friends Bud and Karen.  We ended up at our usual place -- the Country Club.  Bud and Karen both got these huge cheeseburgers, Joe got a whitefish platter (his favorite) and I got fried chicken.  They all finished theirs, but I brought half of my meal home.  I just don't have the room in my stomach that they have.

We had such a good time.  We always enjoy each other's company.  And we are making our plans to go away together in May.  We did it last year and had such a good time that we decided to make it a yearly thing.  Joe and Bud have birthdays within a week of each other so we do a double celebration.

Today would be my great-grandmother's 129th birthday.  I was so fortunate to grow up with her in my life.  She raised my sister and me after our parents broke up and was the major influence in my life.  What a wonderful woman she was and I miss her terribly.  So many times (even recently) I go to ask her something and then realize she isn't here.  But I know I will see her again someday.

I haven't mentioned it on here before, but on Friday I am going to have a heart catherization.  My cardiologist is concerned because I have a lot of chest pain and pain in my arm and jaw.  Even though every single test I take comes out normal, he wants to make sure there is nothing that is being missed.  I think it is the arthritis in my shoulder and the cancer medication that is affecting my jaw.  But I am still a little nervous about the outcome.

Because I have herniated disks in my spine I am not able to lay on my back on a hard table for six hours.  So the doctor is going to put the line in through my wrist.  I have been very nervous about this.  Who wants this kind of a procedure?

But I mentioned it to one of my friends in church this morning.  She said, "Look at this," and showed me her wrist.  She had two of them through her wrist.  The cut is less than 1/8 inch.  I guess she must have had one stitch if that. She talked me through the whole thing.  She said it was a piece of cake, that it would take less than half an hour, there was no pain involved, recovery was quick.  And she had a blockage and there was a stent put in.  That was years ago and she is fine and has been ever since.  She has made me feel so much better and now I'm not worried at all -- just a little nervous.  Thank you, Dorothea.  I am so glad that I told you what was going on.

Cherie, Pastor Justin's wife, asked me if the church could help out with dinners since I won't be able to lift anything for a few days.  So someone from church will be coming with dinners for us on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I may have to stay over on Friday night, so I at least know that Joe will have something to eat if I am not there.

But now I  have to do a major cleaning before I go into the hospital so that people don't come over and see my messy (and I do mean messy) house.  So I am going to get off of here, make dinner and do some of that straightening up.  Until later, folks. 


  1. Hi Kathy!
    That's good you guys had a nice time with your friends at lunch. Fried chicken sounds so good right now. MMMM!

    I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers with your cathetization. I'm so glad your friend shared how hers went and could help. Nice to know what to expect. That's great your church will be bringing meals.

    I hope your day goes well today. :)

  2. We will all be praying for you! Louis Dean has had one but not through his wrist. God has got this! We'll pray but please keep us posted!

  3. I am glad you & Joe enjoyed the time with friends. All the dinners sound delicious!
    I will be praying for you on Friday. It is such a blessing when someone who's been through it shares the experience. It does help lessen the 'scaries'. I agree
    with Linda,God is already there.


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