Friday, February 1, 2013


I'm still not feeling my best, but finally I am getting better.  It's been such a long haul.  I hope this is the end for a long time.  I fell asleep on the sofa last night and Joe just let me sleep there all night.  I really appreciated that because I slept straight through for about eight hours, never woke up, never even moved.  And this morning I felt so much better.  I haven't slept through a night without waking up coughing and choking in over two weeks.  So nice to get a good sleep.

We had a good day at work yesterday.  We had two clowns from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus come to perform for us.  They were so funny.  Of course I got some pictures of them.

They got a lot of the kids involved.  That was fun.  There were over a hundred people that showed up for the program.  It was so crowded that I wasn't able to get very close to them.  A lot of the pictures I took turned out blurry because I had the zoom on but these are the best.

Of course I always try to get a shot of Marquita.  When she becomes a famous model (instead of just the small modeling jobs she does now) I will have original shots of her.  Ha, ha.  Truly she is very talented and I expect her to go far.  In this picture she said she was looking for her "light".  Ha, ha.
I am working tomorrow so I have off from work today.  I'm glad because going back to work I worked two days, have off a day, work one day, and have another day off.  It is easier than going back for five days straight.  And if I keep feeling so much better, next week I will be back to myself for those five days.

I'm going to run and be getting my day up and going.  Don't forget to see my poem for this month below.  Until later...


  1. What a fun job. .. its nice to have a job where time flies. . And you can clown around. . Lol. Couldn't resist. .. Have a great weekend. . Oh and that poem was so nice. . Can't believe January's gone. .

  2. I'm SO glad your feeling better. Now if I could just get myself better we would be doing good. This tooth pain is STILL killing me. Can you believe I'm excited to go to the dentist on Tuesday? I hate the dentist!

    Ringling Bros. is awesome!! I take my kids to the Civic Arena every year to watch them. They put on such a good show.

    Enjoy your weekend my friend. Our is going to be cold & snowy :)

  3. It sounds like everyone had fun with the clowns.The library is the new "in" place to be!
    I love the photo of Marquita.
    It's easy to see her going far...she's so photogenic! As they say, 'the camera loves her!'
    Glad to hear you're on the mend.
    Hope you keep feeling better.


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