Saturday, February 16, 2013


I decided to have another lazy Saturday.  I do have to get some things done, but I'm doing them slowly and resting a lot.

One thing I did was go to the hair salon this morning.  I really love the girl who does my hair, Jamie.  She is so cute, so friendly and does such a fantastic job cutting and styling it.  She always makes me feel so pampered.

I had such a hard time getting there.  It's only 5 blocks from my house and I started out to get there.  But they are digging up all the streets in my neighborhood.  Two of the streets I needed to use were completely blocked off.  I tried to find parking on one of the side streets, but they were all full.  So I ended up going back home and calling them to say I couldn't make it because I couldn't get there.  The girl that answered said that she came in by driving in the opposite direction from where I lived.  That part of the street was open.  So I ended up taking the avenue, going up about a mile and then back tracking and parking in the lot of the Rite Aid across the street.  Don't make it easy for me, Philadelphia Streets Department!  But they held my appointment for me, I got my hair done and it's really cute.

It sort of reminds me of how the streets all around where I work are torn up too.  I can't win.  The other day I was meeting my former supervisor for lunch and I took some pictures of the street in front of the library to show her.  I thought I'd show you too.  Consider this your "Friday View" on a Saturday.  

We are closed on Fridays and it's a good thing because they turned off the water to all the houses and businesses yesterday.  Sort of glad I was working at the Fishtown Branch instead.  We would have had to be closed down anyway.  Can't have people working in a place with no water/bathrooms.

Well, back to my cleaning/shopping/baking.  Until later...


  1. Those streets are crazy! They're sure busy fixing stuff around there. Glad you found a way to make it to your appt. That's nice!

    Hope the rest of your weekend goes great! :)

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