Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Here it is hump day of a boring week.  I guess it's good to have boring weeks now and then.  But it seems that all I've been doing is catching up on my sleep.  Sometimes, I think, I can sleep too much.  Nothing gets done.  I still have to get things cleaned up from Christmas!  Get with it, Kathy!  Valentine's Day will be here and you will still have your gifts in the middle of the room.

Well, not really, but sometimes it feels that way.

Yesterday was craft day with Miss Sheila at the library. The kids made these cute snowflake bookmarks.

She got the kits from Oriental Trading Company.  They turned out so nice and the kids really liked them.

We finished up the book of James in our Bible Study yesterday.  It was a 12 week study that stretched even longer because of breaks for sickness and holidays.  Next week we are beginning a study of the Gospel of Matthew.  I think we are all ready for it.

We were going to go to church tonight because we missed Sunday, but it is cold and raining and I am not much of one to drive at night in that kind of weather.  So instead we watched Joe's message from Christmas Eve online.  It was even better than I remembered.  If you are interested, you can watch it here.

Are any of you into Downton Abbey?  Joe and I are totally hooked.  I got the DVDs out of the library.  We finished season one and just this week finished watching season two.  We just have the Christmas episode to watch and then will be going on to season three which I am recording on our DVR.  I didn't know if Joe would like it or not, but he is as interested in it as I am.  It's such a good show.

I tried a new recipe for dinner tonight.  I got it from Web MD.  It was boneless pork chops with a sauce of cranberry juice, honey and sauteed onion.  It was almost like a sweet and sour sauce and really good.  I made some rice in the rice cooker my sister gave me for my birthday.  She said once I used it I would never go back to cooking rice in a pan again, and boy was she right.  I love using the rice cooker.

Time for bed.  Maybe if I can go to bed at a decent time, I will get up to get something done before I go to work tomorrow.  (Late day, working 11:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)  Good night, everyone.  


  1. I LOVE the bookmarks! They are soo
    cute! I can see why the children liked them.
    I've learned to appreciate
    'boring' days sometimes. I can get more reading done,catch up on any work that is behind(leisurely!)
    or just go for a walk with my dogs.That's the best as I do a lot of appreciating (and praising)God's

  2. LOve the bookmarks! I am a page bender my huband hates it.. maybe I should invest in some nice bookmarks..

  3. Those bookmarks are so cute! I love Oriental Trading. I used to order from them when I led Girl Scouts. If I ever go back into the Daycare Business I might use them again but for just one little one, it's not worth it. You have to buy in bulk so then we end up with too many wasted supplies.

    Glad you are getting extra rest friend. You can NEVER rest too much!!!!


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