Friday, January 18, 2013


Today was the boring conclusion to a boring week.  It was my Fishtown Branch day and practically no one was in there.  I had a bit of a rush when a teacher brought his 3rd grade students in to hear a story and get books, but other than that I spent the whole day trying to find something to do.  I usually hate days like this, but I wasn't feeling well today and so it was just what I needed.

Fortunately I have a three day weekend this week because of Martin Luther King Day on Monday.  Most times I am working on Saturday or Sunday on three day weekends so this will be very nice.  I have plans to clean the house, catch up on wash, and spend some time with friends.  Sounds good to me.

Even though I didn't do much today I'm really beat.  So I'm going to just show you my Friday View for today.
 How many of you love Jelly Belly jellybeans?  I absolutely adore them.  My sister gave me this box for Christmas.  It didn't last very long.  Of course some flavors I like more than others.  My favorites are buttered popcorn, juicy pear, and watermelon.  Oh my are they good.  They always get eaten first.  How do they make them taste so good?  How does the juicy pear actually taste like you are biting into a juicy pear?  Whatever their secret is, I just adore Jelly Bellys.  Now you know MY secret.  Yum!


  1. We like jelly Bellys too! I also can't believe how they can make the flavors taste SO MUCH like the real thing! It's crazy...but so good! MMMM!

    I hope your weekend goes great! :)

  2. Three Day Weekend!! nice!!
    Enjoy the time and maybe you'll find one more watermelon Jelly Belly.

  3. Enjoy your 3 day weekend my friend!!!

  4. I LOVE jelly bellys! I love the sour ones yummm and the pop-corn flavored ones too.. oh I can go on and on...


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