Wednesday, August 3, 2011


When I got home on Sunday from my wonderful vacation I went out in the yard to plant the two plants I had bought in Kitchen Kettle on Monday.  Joe had watered them during the week and we had a major rain storm so they were looking good.  While I was out there I weeded a little bit.  But I was tired from my 2 1/2 hour drive so I didn't do a lot.  I took four beautiful pictures, but for some unknown reason I cannot upload them to my computer.  All the other pictures come out great, but not these particular four.  Go figure.  I will take more this week and hopefully they will upload.

It was hard going back to work especially since it was so incredibly busy this week.  Usually there is one person on the front desk.  This week there has always had to be a second person ready to step in and help out.  I think we must have created a library card for every person in the neighborhood.

This is my supervisor Donna's last week of work.  Every day we count down for her.  Four days left... three days left... two days to go.  Next week I become the supervisor.  I'm kinda scared about it.  I don't feel up to the job.  Maybe everyone feels that way at first.  I just hope I can handle everything.  There's a lot to it.

Tomorrow is Donna's retirement party that we are throwing for her at work.  I got the cake tonight.  Tomorrow morning I have to make the potato salad (10 lbs.).  Then on Friday a large group of us are going to Byrnes' (a local place) to have dinner.  So I have two busy days in front of me.

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  1. Sorry the pictures didn't load. I will look forward to seeing them
    when they do.
    I think it's natural to be a little nervous about your new position. It is a lot to take on, more than people see. However,this is what you went to school for, trained for and I have confidence that you can handle it. Beyond all that. the greatest thing is that the Lord believes you can handle it!


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