Friday, August 19, 2011


Doesn't this look great?  I would love to spend my weekend like this.  Unfortunately tomorrow is the great "Kathy-cleans-up-the-house" day.  It needs it so badly.  I have been so tired from all the work I've been doing that the housework has gone by the wayside.  So tomorrow is catch up day.

Yesterday and today were a little slower at work.  It seems that Thursdays and Fridays are that way every week.  At least it gives us a chance to catch up.  And we need it!  Next week Diane is off on Monday and Tuesday, our busiest days.  Fortunately Marquita is able to come in all day on those two days.  I can't wait until another LA is assigned to us and we can finally get the help we need.

Joe and I were going to go out to dinner tonight.  We went over to Wawa to get some money from the ATM and the heavens broke loose.  The rain was pouring down like someone was throwing buckets of water at the front windows.  So we ended up getting hoagies, waiting until it let up a little, and making a run to the car.  Well, there's always another day.

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