Friday, August 26, 2011


Hurricane Irene is on her way.  The neighbor in back of me seems really worried about the upcoming storm.  He has put tyvek over his third floor window and sent this message.

So funny.

Joe put away a lot of things in the yard while I was at work, and I put away the rest of them when I got home.  The only thing left is the bench which I will move nearer to the house tomorrow morning.  I even picked the four green tomatoes hoping to save them and let them ripen in the house.

Tomorrow is farm day.  I got an email saying we should come early because when the storm hits they are going to close.  I am going to try to get there by 10 a.m. when they open and be one of the first ones there.

We found out today that our part-timer's hours are being cut.  She is only allowed to work 8 hours a week.  This is really going to impact us because she was giving us 30 hours a week.  It is a system wide move to save money.  There is just no way we can do what we do with us missing 3 people (a librarian and 2 assistants).  Our branch head, Jerry, says we should just do the best we can and we will have to be closing some days because we will not have enough people to keep the building open.  There are a lot of meetings we have to go to in September and the library cannot run with only two people there.  It will be an interesting next few weeks.

I hope we are able to ride out both storms:  the hurricane and the storm at work.


  1. Hi Kathy, Should be some very wet and windy weather coming your way safe...I know you will, and take care. I'll be thinkin' bout ya. My sister and niece live on Long Island, NY and they are staying on the island, but moving inland to the center of the island to a friend's house for the storm. Also, my niece and her hubby live 5 miles inland from the coast in NC and they are not evacuating...oh boy...I've got lots of people on my mind, but I'm sure everyone will be okay!

  2. I love this sign. You should post it to FB.

  3. Just letting you know, that we on the West Coast, are praying for everyone in Irene's path and beyond.

  4. Wow,Kathy. You are getting storms from both sides! I am hoping that Irene downgrades as it progresses up the coast. I was hoping for a tempest in a teapot but appears that it will be much more.....
    The cutbacks, especially for the library, concern me. So many people use the services. I realize there are cutbacks all over, but that doesn't make it better.
    I will keep good thoughts for the future & everyone in my prayers.
    Though Irene may send the rain
    And mighty winds our way
    Let us each help one another
    Til the storm has passed away

  5. Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts and especially your prayers. I'll keep you updated.


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