Sunday, August 14, 2011


A busy day today.   It began with a trip to the farm.  I got a lot!

2 lbs. of red potatoes
4 peaches
2 lbs. of tomatoes
bunch of parsley
4 squash (8 ball and Cousa)
organic Spring Mix
1 baby watermelon
2 red peppers
3 cucumbers
1 dozen eggs
1/2 lb. baby Swiss cheese

Joe had a tomato, swiss and lettuce sandwich for lunch and said it was wonderful.

This afternoon Joe and I met my friend Carole and her family (including her cousin Lisa who she is staying with ) and we went to Pennsbury Manor.  Carole used to be one of my Sunday School students when she was a teenager and is the daughter of my former pastor.  She lives in Kentucky now, but is here with her three daughters visiting her family.  I haven't seen her in 10 years, so this was a wonderful treat.

We got there rather late and missed the last tour.  But we were able to walk around and since I have been there 7 times before, I was able to be the tour guide for everyone.  Mostly we saw animals, birds and insects.  It was more like a nature tour than anything else.

Here's a few of the better pictures.  We saw a little bunny in the vegetable garden.

I was trying to get another shot when he hopped away.  Rabbits are fast!
There was a dragonfly on one of the bushes.  We took a lot of pictures of it.  This was the best one.
Here's one of Joe and I.
Carole's girls were fascinated by this big chair.  This is Sami and Emily.
And little Lily.
We found a bush with tons of butterflies on it.

There was a barn with a goose in it.  A mean goose who chased us out of the building.
Outside was a peacock.  Even though he had shed his feathers last week, he was still magnificent.

This view toward the river was so beautiful.
We saw the oxen and the horse from a distance, but couldn't figure out how to get close to them.

We had a beautiful day.  Next time I have to get Joe there in time to take the tour.

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