Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Busy, busy, busy.  There is just so much to do at work and now only two of us to do it.  And people are just so impatient.  Since we have only one librarian now, he has to do everything.  Today one woman was yelling at Diane because she wanted to speak with the librarian and he was in the men's room.  I think she wanted Diane to take her to the men's room so she could talk to him through the door.

The kids were all so bad.  They even threw eggs at the front door this morning.  And they were loud and running all over the place.  We will be very happy when they finally go back to school next week.

One good note:  Marquita got permission to work 16 hours instead of 8 because we are so short handed.  It's not the 28 hours she was working but it's sure a lot better.

There is so much to do all the time that I have not been able to get my shelving done.  So at dinner time I came home and got Joe and he volunteered for an hour and got about half of my books shelved.  What a guy!  Couldn't ask for a better husband.

I made West African Vegetable Stew for dinner.  I put it in the slow cooker and it was done when I came home at dinner break.  It was good.  Joe loved it.  There's nothing left.

Well, another day down.  Let's see what tomorrow brings.


  1. I couldn't help but think of the cliche 'Mama said there'd be days like this'. She wasn't kidding! It is great that Marquia was able to get the extra hours. It was super of Joe to help too. That is the kind of thing that says 'I love you' more than words.

  2. Hoping that things ease up for you soon. Don't forget to hug that wonderful hubby of yours, that was so kind of him!


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