Monday, August 1, 2011


Yes, this week has eight days.  Makes you think of a Beatles song doesn't it?  Elaine and I got up early and went to the early service at her church, Ledgewood Baptist.  I love her church.  I have been there so often that I know quite a few people and it is always good to see them.  They had just finished their Vacation Bible School and had a slide show presentation from it.  What a good time the kids had!

Her pastor is doing a series in the book of Numbers.  The text was Numbers 7:10-17 and it was about what do we value and how do we give.  Very good.  Got lots of notes from the message to go over this week.

After church we went to Cracker Barrel and had breakfast.  We never eat before going to church because the service is 8:30 a.m. and it is too hectic trying to get breakfast and get to church on time.  It was fun having breakfast there.  Of course we had to look through the gift shop.  I bought a Campbells soup cookbook and have already made one of the recipes.  It was good and I'm looking forward to doing the whole book.  I also got some Yankee candles and a set of salt and pepper shakers in the shape of acorns.  I'm going to use them on my September table.  I really want to start making cute tables for the fall season.

We went back to Elaine's house and I packed up and got ready to leave. It was really hard having our vacation end.  I had such an awesome week and I know Elaine did too.

One last picture and I was on my way.  It was another long trip home.  Lots of traffic.  I got home around 2:30 p.m. and was really happy to see Joe and be in my own house with my own things around me.  I guess it's really true that there's no place like home.

Tomorrow see how my garden made out while I was gone and it's back to work.


  1. Did Frank take the picture.?the both of you look good in it. You should post it to your face book page.

  2. I took the picture. It was just the two of us.


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