Saturday, July 14, 2018


I told you yesterday that I would show you my Target haul.  Have a cuppa, pull up a seat, make yourself comfy and let me show my purchases.

I don't spend a lot of money on food at Target, but I do pick up some things now and then.  Joe is making a pineapple upside down cake for church next Sunday.  So he got cake mix, pineapple rings and maraschino cherries.  I picked up a can of tomato sauce for the pantry.  I always like to keep a couple of cans on hand.  And we got a couple of bottles of hand soap for the bathroom.  We really like the moisturizing soap and when you can get it for 79 cents, it's a good deal.

I found this kitchen apple towel for $3.00.  My kitchen has lots of apple things in it and this was perfect.  And so cute.  I also found this amazing measuring set for $1.99.  It has a cup, half of a cup, a third of a cup and a quarter of a cup measuring cups and a tablespoon, teaspoon and a half teaspoon spoons.  They are gray, black and white and all snap together to store.  My measuring cups and spoons are so old and some are missing.  Some have broken handles.  So out with the old and in with the new.

Of course we couldn't forget about Jack.  We got this box of canned cat food.  He is so picky.  Won't eat anything but pate and hates seafood.  I also got him a pack of his favorite treats.  He gets these very seldom because they are so expensive.

And I got two new summer tops -- a yellow and a striped.  I have a long-sleeved striped top for winter that I wear to death so I thought I would get a lighter version of it.

They are from "A New Day."  Have any of you heard of them?  It is Target's line and the clothes are really nice.

So guess where Joe and I went today.   Back to Target.  We had forgotten a couple of things yesterday.  It was an in and out thing.  We got Pop-Tarts and Graham crackers. Barbecue seasoning and distilled water.  Joe said if the bowl I loved was still there he would get it for me.  But it was gone.  It was not meant to be.

It is late and I must get some sleep to be able to get to church tomorrow.  I didn't sleep well last night.  I hope I do tonight.

Until later...



  1. I love Target! My Amber introduced me and we both use the Cartwheel app to save even more $$!
    Love all you got and hope you both have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. You aren't kidding about a 'haul'! The towel is adorable;perfect for your kitchen.I could use the measures. Maybe I'll go pick up a set. The tops look cute.I'm sure Jack says 'thank you'! Enjoy your day!

  3. You did make a haul and got some really good things. I enjoy going to Target as well, not just for groceries! It is a one stop shopping for me. Happy Sunday!

  4. I love Target, too, but don't go too often for fear of buying the store out. Kind of funny how it can suck me in. lol
    Looks like you got a lot of nice things, Kathy. I hope you and Joe have a blessed Sunday. xo Diana

  5. No, I have never heard of that line of clothing...guess I’m not shopping for clothes in Target...I’m usually shopping the Magnolia Line. It feels good to do a little retail therapy every now and then.

  6. I haven't looked at their clothes in a long time but they have cute tops! I wore a striped top like your new one yesterday! Enjoy your Sunday!

  7. what a great haul,, I love stripes too,, I'm sorry your bowl was gone I know you loved it, I did too, the wood with the ceramic was nice,, thanks for sharing this today, have a great sunday!

  8. My goodness, you did make quite a nice haul at Target. We have a Target here but I've never been there. One of these days though, I'll take a trip there. That pineapple upside cake sounds delicious! You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  9. I have a love-hate relationship with Target. I don't go often because I am usually disappointed. You found everything you went for and some nice extras!!

  10. We have a Target near us in Nashua, but I have only been there a couple of times since we moved here. We have so many other shopping choices now compared to living in VA when we had to drive 90 minutes to a major shopping area. You got some nice things, Kthy and you might find another bowl when least expected.


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