Thursday, October 30, 2014


I'm not doing too well getting to work on time this week.  Wednesday I was 1/2 hour late.  With the upstairs all messed up it has been difficult getting ready in the morning.  Today should be better, though, since when I got home last night the mattress and boxspring were out front, bagged up and waiting to be taken away in the trash truck.  Still some to go, but looking so much better.  And yes, my friends, you will get to see before and after pictures as the room gets fixed up.

Our showerhead was slowly giving up the ghost.  I guess after 40 plus years it had a right to do so.  So another of Joe's projects was to change the showerhead.  He has been trying to do so for several weeks, but it was really corroded and he couldn't get it off.  He finally did it on Tuesday night and put a new showerhead on.  It was a strange feeling when I took my shower in the morning.  It is really nice, but I will have to get used to it.  It feels more like rain than the other one did.

I had lunch with my friend Donna.  She used to be my supervisor and when she retired I got her job.  We hardly ever see each other and it was nice to spend some time catching up.  I really love Donna.  This is Donna A not to be confused with my other friend Donna B who I am having lunch with on Friday!  We went to Arby's.  It's not my favorite place, but I do like their classic roast beef sandwich.

Wednesday was Debbie's first day of work at the Fishtown Branch.  Diane and I went to pick her up after work.  Richmond is only 15 minutes from Fishtown.  Diane was able to show her where to get the bus to come home so I was glad she decided to come along.  I then took Diane home and Debbie and I went to Little Caesar's and got pizza for dinner.  I dropped Debbie off at her house and then ran home.  I put the food on the kitchen table and then Joe and I ran off to Bible Study.

We had six people there tonight (seven counting Joe).  Joe is doing a series on discipleship.  It's very in depth and quite different from my ladies' study.  However, at one point we four ladies were comparing it to the Jonah study we are doing on Tuesday (obedience).  That made me feel good, because I could tell they were really taking the Tuesday study in because of what they were saying.  So I'm not just talking to thin air!

Friday is Dottie's birthday.  She is going to be 91.  (She is determined to make it to 100.)  So Genny baked a pumpkin cake for her and we all sang Happy Birthday.  Dottie was grinning from ear to ear.  It was so sweet of Genny to do that.  Genny told me that she wasn't going to do it, but she knew she could count on me to help set things up and cut and hand out the cake.  Aww...  *smile*

Wednesday's photo challenge topic was "Moon".  When I think of the moon the first thing I think of is "Hey Diddle, Diddle".  One of my sister Elaine's favorite pictures is one that our mom had as a child of the cow jumping over the moon.  I don't have a picture of it, but I can see it in my mind's eye.

Hey diddle, diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon.  (Google image)

The other thing I think of when I think of the moon is the book "Good Night Moon."

If you can believe it, I had never heard of "Good Night Moon" until I was babysitting my three year old goddaughter, Emi.  (She just turned 23 and got engaged.  Yikes!)  This was one of her favorite books and she had me read it to her over and over.

But since both of these are Google images and not my photos, I will show a picture I took a few months ago of the super moon.  For the first time I have a camera that is good enough to actually photograph the moon (although not as good as my brother, Larry).

What a marvelous universe our God has made!

Linking up with Kaitlin at Homemaker Design for this October photo challenge.

Wednesday's weather
Mostly cloudy/ afternoon rain
High:  72 degrees (8 degrees above average)
Low:  51 degrees (11 degrees above average)
Sunrise:  7:26 a.m.
Sunset:  6:01 p.m.
10 hours and 35 minutes of daylight  


  1. Hello, I have a beautiful giveaway in my blog. You are invited. See you and kisses.

  2. Kathy, You sound very busy, all the time. Love the moon photo. Time is flying . xoxo,Susie

  3. You challenge is almost over!
    I have read all of them (didn't comment on all, though).
    Was it hard? What did you like about it and didn't like?

    1. Thanks for reading all of my challenge. I thought it was fun. It wasn't hard, but thought provoking. I found myself really thinking about what I wanted to post.

      What I liked about it was posting some of my favorite older pictures that a lot of my newer readers hadn't seen. (I did think of you when I posted the view from my house because I knew you had commented on those pictures in the past.) What I didn't like was having to post every day and following a schedule.

      But it was a good exercise for me and one I think I would do again.

  4. That is a LOVELY moon shot!!

    I read your comment above - and yes, the having to post everyday is a challenge!! Hahah! I guess that's the point - I didn't catch that until I wrote it out! lol!!! But yes, it is fun and it does stretch and encourage one as both a photographer and a blogger - but I will be looking for a break when it is all finished!!

    You've done great though, Kathy!! With all you've been through this month - you've kept up fantastically!!! Way to go!!

  5. The ride home was GREATLY appreciated.(Hubby Russ says 'thank you,'too). Great shot of the moon!
    When I think of the word 'moon' I think of the full moon,wolves,and just the beauty of it.
    As I followed your challenge,I felt it made you think in perspectives. Maybe seeing things from a different view. It made me think about what I would have posted.....
    You are one busy lady! Try to find time to breathe.....and rest.....


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