Thursday, January 27, 2011

SNOW STORM OF 1/27/2011

We got 15 inches of snow here in Philly.  More snow is expected Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I am so ready for summer!
 My car at 1 a.m. while it was still snowing.

 The building across the street from my house.  Notice the snow sticking to the bricks.

 You can see how deep the snow is from where Joe shoveled our front walk.

 My car after the snow stopped.

 My back yard with the trellis.

 Cookout anyone?

 Another picture of the yard.  Look at my gazing ball!

 My neighbor's trellis, our solar lights, flags and the fence.  This really shows how much we got.

 Joe was very busy today.


  1. I like your cushy seats in your gardens. Ha! Ha! If your car had not been red, you may not have found it. That is a lot of snow!

  2. Wow, you really did get some snow dumped on ya! We got about an inch or two yesterday. It's snowing again right now and I think it's supposed to snow throughout the day as well...probably another couple inches today...I can't even keep up anymore..ha ha! sometimes I watch the weather report and sometimes I don't. Careful out there!

  3. Bensalem got 16.9". We can't see our stop sign. I am so ready for warm wether. Love the pictures of the patio.

  4. I'm ready for warm weather too!!!!

  5. Terri Parker -- WOW. To much snow for me. Hope you are keeping warm.


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