Thursday, January 20, 2011


I had a lot of running around to do today.  I wanted to get it done before the snow tomorrow.  So I got Joe to go with me to help carry the heavy stuff.

First we went to the library I work at.  It just so happened that our Area Administrator was there visiting my boss.  She is his boss.  So I got to talk with both of them.  I told them that I hoped to be back to work in two weeks.  They both told me that they would work with me in any way I needed them too.  Do I need to start out part-time?  That was fine.  Do a whole day?  That was fine too.  And my co-workers offered to shelve any books I couldn't, lift and carry for me, etc.  That was really nice and I feel much better about returning to work.

Next we went to the library I used to work at because I was looking for a particular book and they had it there.  I got to see one of my best friends, Carol, and a few other people I used to work with.  That was nice.

We went to the bank so I could deposit a check my step-mom sent to me for Christmas.  Then off to a store across the street to buy Joe a chain for the cross I gave him for Christmas.  The chain on it was too short for him.  And then the Hallmark store for some candles.

By this time we were hungry, so I suggested going back across the street to the Chinese restaurant which is one of our favorites.  This is the first time we have gone out to eat in 6 months because of me being sick.  I was very careful about what and how much I ate, but I did it!  I actually ate in a restaurant without getting sick!  It felt so good to do that.

It was still early, so we decided to go to the hospital and see Joe's dad.  When we got there we found he was not doing well at all.  He had a lot of trouble breathing.  I was talking to Joe's step-mom and she started crying and saying that the nurses were talking to her about a hospice and asking her if everything was set for his funeral.  That is unreal!  And the doctor had actually said these things to Dad and so he is telling us that he is not going to make it and he loves us and he hopes we won't be too upset when he dies.  He has given up even trying to get well.  Joe is so upset that he just came home and went to bed.  I am upset, but also angry that the professionals in the hospital are so UNprofessional.  MaryAnn (Joe's step-mom) is trying to get Dad moved to another hospital with a lung center and the people at the hospital he's in are refusing to release him and telling her that moving him will be the same as killing him.

Well, the saga goes on.  We are going to try to see him tomorrow if there is not too much snow or ice on the ground.  I'll keep you informed.

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  1. I am sorry to hear that all of you are so ill.
    I certainly will keep you all in prayer,esp Joe Sr.
    I think that was handled so terribly. I agree that it was not
    professional. As Christians,we are
    confident that the last word belongs to God. I
    will pray that His peace will surround Joe Sr
    & both you & Joe.


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