Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Joe's dad went to be with the Lord last night.  Around 10 p.m. he sat up, said, "I've had enough of this", took off his breathing mask, took 3 breaths and died.  Some of his family (including his wife) were with him.  At least he is not suffering any more.

Joe's sister-in-law called to tell us.  Joe was naturally upset and posted it on his facebook page so his prayer partners would know.  We suddenly get a phone call from his sister-in-law screaming and cursing at him because he had done this.  Not all of the family knew and some of the kids had found out on facebook that their granddad had died.  She ended up hanging up on him.  I called her back and tried to smooth things out, said he didn't do it to have them find out that way, etc. and she cursed and hung up on me.  Families are so wonderful.  Especially when they are upset.  We need to pray for them because no one in his family is saved.  They think we are the weird ones and need mental help because we believe there is a God and that Jesus died for our sins.  So sad that they don't believe.  Hopefully things will calm down and we will be able to attend the funeral.  Right now I believe we are not invited to show up.

Please keep Joe in your prayers.  He is putting on a good face, but I know from losing my dad how torn up he must be.  At least he was able to have alone time with his dad and have a good conversation with him the day before he died.

Strange thing:  Joe's mom also died on January 25th, 5 years ago.

Joe's son D.J., Joe Jr., and Joe Sr. taken last May.
I'll miss you Dad.


  1. Family issues can be so sticky!
    Tell Joe that we are so sorry to hear of his father's passing. We are never really ready to let our loved ones go.

  2. You are right, Cherdecor, we aren't. We were not made to die, but to live eternally so death is hard for us humans. Thanks for all your prayers and your sympathy. It is VERY MUCH appreciated.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your husband's father passing away. I feel so bad that family members have treated you this way. I know that people do same some crazy stuff when they are hurting and mad. That really stinks. Hope everyone finds peace.


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