Saturday, January 22, 2011


Joe, me and his step-mom all got sick last night.  At first Joe and I thought that we had eaten something that didn't agree with us, but when we found out that MaryAnn had also been sick we figured we must have picked up something at the hospital.

In any case Joe was not well enough to go to the farm with me to pick up our CSA share.  I called my friend Carole and she was able to go.  I still can't handle carrying a share by myself, even though this week it was rather lightweight.

The theme this week was "sandwiches".  We got:
-- a head of Boston lettuce
-- a bag of pea shoots
-- 4 Cameo apples
-- 2 lbs. of carrots (they were so big that 3 carrots made a little over 2 lbs!)
-- 2 Focaccia rolls (yum!)
-- 1/2 lb. smoked turkey
-- a package of Allegheny Chevre cheese (a goat milk cheese)
-- 1/2 gallon milk (yes, it comes in a glass bottle)
-- 1/2 lb. Amish roll butter

I was going to buy some of the pierogies that Joe likes from the lady that is always there but all she had left was buffalo chicken pierogies and that would have been too much for my stomach.  Maybe next time.


My father-in-law had a bad night last night and has been moved to ICU.  Joe just spoke to his step-mother and she said he is doing better.  Please keep praying for Joe, Sr.

Pray for Joe, Jr. too. He is very sick.  MaryAnn and I are feeling OK now, but he is still nauseous.

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