Sunday, January 12, 2014


Yesterday I finally got the opportunity to take Snowy to see the vet for the first time.


The vet I take the cats to used to be quite close to my house.  Now he has moved to South Philadelphia and it takes about 1/2 hour to get there.  I would go someplace else except that Dr. Ted is so good and I've been taking my pets to him for about 20 years.

Dr. Ted checked her all out.  She is in perfect health except for an upper respiratory infection and some bad teeth which must be extracted this week.

It is so expensive to go to the vet.  We pay hundreds of dollars for our pets -- so much more than we pay for ourselves!

So tomorrow it's back to the vet after work to drop Snowy off for a couple of days.  Then on Thursday Joe has to find a way to get down there with Jenny to be looked at and pick up Snowy.  It's always something at our house.



  1. I think it's like that with most people. There's always something coming right around the corner. I agree with the
    cost. With 3 dogs and a cat I'm blessed with the vets (and techs!) at Pet Health Center. Not having a car,they are only
    a 15 -20 minute walk (depending on sniffing time) from my door. They also have a pick up/return van service when my
    21 year old needs checking. Needless to say,she arrives in style! Ha ha
    Glad to hear Snowy checked out okay. She's a good girl!

  2. Snowy is sweet looking Kathy..
    I don't have any pets yet. Oh, but I know they are in our future.
    xo Marissa

  3. What a sweet kitty. Well worth the money even though it is so expensive. Poor girl has to have teeth out. That is too bad. xo Diana

  4. Well, I think I'm all caught up with your blog. The pictures that Larry took are wonderful, especially the circle one with the succulents!
    Give Snowy a hug for me. I know it's hard but we do love them so.


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