Friday, January 3, 2014


What a nightmare the last 24 hours have been.  It started snowing here in Philly about 3:00 p.m. yesterday.  At first it was just light little flakes and looked so pretty.  When we left the library the marble steps were covered and it was pretty slippery.  It took a long time to clean off my car, even with Diane helping me.

The drive home was horrible.  It was all ice under the snow.  I drove very slowly (about 20 mph) and so was everyone else.  After I dropped Diane off, I went back to the major road hoping it would be better, but it wasn't.  I was so nervous I was crying.  Every time I hit a red light I would be afraid of fishtailing.  I guess that's because the big truck in front of me did and I thought if something as heavy as that did, I would too.  The only time I slipped badly was when I almost ran into a hole in the street.  I put on my brakes and spun.

I finally got home and there was no place to park.  So I ended up parking on the pavement of the empty building across the street.

Last night we were all hoping that the mayor would close down the city today.  But no such luck.  However, I couldn't get out of the house to go to work.
Do you see the street?  It was hard to see where the pavement ended and the street began.

Under all this snow is the front steps.

My car is the one in the back.

The wind even blew over the chair.

Picnic anyone?
 We got 9 inches of light powdery snow.  And then the wind started.  The drifts are about 15 inches high.

I called work and told them I couldn't get out of my street and would not be able to make it in.  Sheila called me back and said that Dianne who was supposed to work tomorrow would work for me today if I would work for her tomorrow.  So I agreed to that.  Things should be better tomorrow.

I went outside and started to shovel the pavement.  My neighbor, George, saw me and came over to help.  Then the two of us cleaned off my car.  The guy who had parked in front of the house had moved, so I moved the car into that spot.  It was tough and I spun out a couple of times, but finally got in there.

I came inside because my feet were frozen (I have only sneakers to wear) and I have cold induced asthma so I was having an attack even though I had my face covered with a scarf.  The windchill was down to 0 degrees.  I laid down under a quilt and have spent most of the day there dozing off and on.

Today is my brother, Larry's, birthday.  He said he was born in a snowstorm, so this is just fine.  Ha!  He's my youngest sibling.  I am going to show you some more of his photographs on Monday.

I got the meatloaf mix out of the freezer and it is thawing now.  I thought that would be a nice warm meal to have for dinner tonight.  I have some broccoli that I will serve with it and probably we will finish up the pumpkin pie for dessert.

I hope wherever you are that the weather is not as bad as it is here.  Tomorrow is supposed to be better.  The sun has melted a lot where it was shoveled, so our pavement is completely dry.  Stay warm everyone!  I'm trying to.
Today's weather:
High:  21 degrees
Low:  0 degrees
Sunrise:  7:23 a.m.
Sunset:  4:47 p.m.
9 hours and 24 minutes of daylight
Oh Spring, where are you?

Sunrise on Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sunrise on Friday, January 3, 2014


  1. I feel so bad that you were so scared driving home! I did that once, years ago and told myself and everyone else, that I don't drive in snow ,AT ALL!!
    Under a quilt is the only place to be. Glad you found comfort there.
    Stay warm and safe.

  2. You are blessed! Most of the snow the sun melted here has turned to ice due to the temperature. I guess my house doesn't face the right way for the sun to do much good. I empathize with you on being scared. Even walking has me frightened of falling. I find myself repeating "take your time,slowly" etc when I absolutely have to venture out. Please be careful,Kathy ,though I know you will. I will pray for your safety to & from work.
    Lottsa love!

  3. Bless your heart! I feel so guilty for complaining that it dropped to 28 degrees here - and it's still sunny. Can't even imagine living in such conditions. You're so brave! Stay warm, Jan

  4. Glad you are safe....we got dumped on again here, as well...
    Enjoy your weekend...

    Linda :o)


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